When is the right moment to Buy these Tokens: Crypto.com (CRO) & Change Now (NOW)

When is the right moment to Buy these Tokens: Crypto.com (CRO) & Change Now (NOW)

These two tokens Crypto.com(CRO) and Change Now (NOW) has been on my watchlist because i had seen a potential in them. They are both Crypto Exchange based tokens and from my experience these types of tokens they are always going up provided that exchange platform backing it has a high capitalization e.g Binance Coin, Kucoin etc and the good part is these coins are still cheap.

Lets look into them


If you want to make a fortune in this crypto trading business you have to make sure you are patient enough to wait for the right moment to strike and not just to jump in as a result of FOMO. Its wise to first analyze a larger time frame like Monthly or Weekly chart so that you can clearly see the true picture of whats likely to happen then when you are satisfied you go to the daily chart for executation.


From the picture above we can clearly see that CRO has already gone up and its now its on the peak level. The perfect moment to buy this token was around$0.15 but now its too late as it is already up with close to $0.04.

As you can see CRO is at the bearish order block and when an asset is at that zone we mostly look for sell opportunities so in this case i guess its not wise to buy it until it breaks out of that zone or maybe if the price is held at $0.18. This token has a brighter future but buying it has to be done wisely at the perfect zone so that you start harnessing profits from the start.

Change Now (NOW)

This is  another crypto gold which is likely to make us rich. On this one i didn't analyze it using candle sticks i only used some data which as follows:

  • Market Capitalization - At times when i am to buy a crypto token i normally check the Capitalization first before anything else and if the capitalization is larger then it gives me a sign that people has some confidence in it as they are investing their money increasing the capitalization.
  • Circulating Supply This is another most important aspect to look onto. If you manage to spot a nice trade from he start and mostly when you jump in the capitalization will increase due to order numbers increasing, so you have to be well precise in spotting your trades.

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