TheFutbolApp (TFA) and TFC (TheFutbolCoin)

TheFutbolApp (TFA) and TFC (TheFutbolCoin)

By definews | Defi News | 15 Feb 2021

The digital economy for the Worldwide Football

Football for me is a favorite since childhood and maybe many in other parts of the world who favor this one sport. Nowadays there is no one serious on social media, according to my observation, which specifically manages football and society well and exclusively. In this article, I will review a cryptocurrency-based social media project where an application that is already running combines news, predictions, scores, fan discussions, match reports, favorite clubs and others.

This app right now you can try and download via the Android App or IOS App,  as a football fan you will be presented with a complete application about football .

TheFutbolApp (TFA) ecosystem includes thousands of Clubs from around the world as well as social posts from the biggest players in the world. Through TFA you can interact with clubs & players among others, and purchase exclusive products with TFC.It’s awesome !

You can define your main club and find updated news, match highlights, match statistics and fan chat and  forums. You know as fans we need to communicate with fellow club supporters and also need other public forums to interact with each other during matches. One of the most interesting things in this application is that we can follow to guess the score of the European league and other leagues and if it is true, we will get points which will later be converted to TFC, and what is very interesting in guessing this score is that it is free and many other features are available. interesting in this application. I've only been trying it for a few days and I really like it. This is a feature that shows that this app is serious about managing football and provides a SHARE there venue with the users who participate in the app. I think its the only social network dedicated to the world of football.

How this work? TFC (TheFutbolCoin) is the only way to buy ads in TheFutbolApp (TFA). That means TFC has a floor equal to the demand for ads in the TFA app where the users spend 25 minutes per day. There are 3.5 billion football fans out there, TFA is growing organically. And why TFC use Stellar (xlm) blockchain because its providing low costs and fast transaction speed for use in the TFC-TFA network. In more detail, TFA ( was created to provide single platform that would allow players, coaches, clubs and fans to participate in the football-based digital activities that are important to them in a simple way, an app.


By integrating The Futbol Coin (TFC) into the PandaHAUS TFA (The Futbol App) fabric, they are creating a digital economy inside the application that lets the resources of the group be exchanged with supporters and enables millions of small corporations to make enticing advertising and attractive deals to our TFA user base. It also makes for simple, safe, and fraud-proof transfers linked to football (buying tickets, advertising, donating money to deserving charitable causes, paying registration fees, and much more). 

TFC uses the proven Stellar blockchain, which has a low cost and fast transaction speed for use on the TFC-TFA network. The TFC can be used as a safe deposit of wealth, so is the only way to pay for ads within the TFA ecosystem. Users earn TFC on the app and spend it at merchants that accept TFC.

• Token Info & Economics

  • Max token supply: 1b tokens
  • Market cap: $150.0m
  • Initial supply: 1499999999

• Token Details

  • Token Name: The Futbol Coin
  • Symbol: TFC
  • Base Platform: Stellar
  • Project Type: Utility Token

• Supply:

  • Total: 1 500 000 000
  • Max: 1 500 000 000

How to earn TFC by using TFA App

1) Trivias
2) Match Predictions
3) Promotional Bonus
4) Play Panda
5) Midnight Madness
6) Other Quizzes
7) "Social interaction" into the app, like
messages and received LIKES

Register and Get 1 TFC

1) Click TFA apps
2) Download the app

3) Enter the code : XG9777
Click on Invite link again to automatically fill the code

4) Click Sign up, put email and password
(You are now connected with me)

5) Click Create your wallet
(only profile pic and phone number needed)

6) Add profile picture
(You Can it change it anytime later)

7) Verify your phone number

8) Wait for approval process (To prevent Fraud)
(it can take some hours)

After approval, you will get 1 TFC

For more information please visit links :

Author :

TFA username : adamzooy


BTT username : Weng_saboh (;u=1237516)

Authentification link :

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