DeFi Monthly Recap - January 2021

DeFi Monthly Recap - January 2021

By D3F1 | DeFi Box | 3 Feb 2021

Jan 4

✔️US Banking Regulator Tells Banks They Can Use Stablecoins for Payment Activities (Source)
✔️Loopring TVL Flourish as Ethereum Gas Fees Spike Again (Source)
✔️Tether CTO Calms Down SEC FUD (Source)

Jan 6

✔️Decentralized Trading Protocol AirSwap Introduces Changes (Source)
✔️Origin Dollar Relaunches After $7M Hack (Source)

Jan 7

✔️Badger Prepares to Launch $DIGG (Source)
✔️CoinGecko and Band Protocol (BAND) Partner to Establish Better Price Feeds (Source)
✔️Large Influx of Users Temporarily Suspend Loopring's Relayer Services (Source)
✔️Ethereum Now On the List of Top 100 World's Assets by Market Cap (Source)

Jan 8

✔️Aave in Discussion of Risk Tranches for its Safety Module (Source)
✔️1inch DEX Announces Next Liquidity Mining Program (Source)

Jan 10

✔️SushiSwap Lays Out 2021 Plans in Roadmap Update (Source)

Jan 12

✔️Synthetix Details 2021 Development Agenda (Source)
✔️Bancor's Solution for Impermanent Loss Brings Positive Results (Source)
✔️YFI founder Andre Cronje Lays Out DeFi Development Difficulties in Blog Post (Source)

Jan 14

✔️Paxos Partners with Chainlink to Boost DeFi Adoption (Source)

Jan 15

✔️AMPL One Step Closer to Aave (Source)

Jan 16

✔️Scaling Solution Optimistic Ethereum Launches on Mainnet (Source)

Jan 18

✔️DeFi Options Protocol Charm Finance Launches (Source)
✔️Alameda Research Invests $50M in Crypto-supporting Travel App (Source)
✔️Polkadot Flips XRP, LINK to Surpass Bitcoin Cash (Source)

Jan 19

✔️AMM Saddle Finance Raises $4.3M from Framework, Polychain and Electric Capital (Source)

Jan 20

✔️Eth2 Devs Talk About 2021 Progress and Plans (Source)

Jan 21

✔️Kyber 3.0: Architecture Revamp, Dynamic MM, and KNC Migration Proposal (Source)
✔️ Voting on $206M Token Minting (Source)

Jan 22

✔️Rumors on Grayscale's LINK Trust (Source)

Jan 23

✔️0x Governance Confirms v4 Upgrade (Source)
✔️LRC Staking on v1 to End, Staking Rewards to Be Distributed on v2 (Source)
✔️NFT of a CryptoPunk Sells for $700K+ (Source)

Jan 25

✔️Vitalik Buterin Stakes $9K Worth of SNX via Optimistic Ethereum (Source)
✔️Uniswap Fees Surpasses Bitcoin in Day Fees (Source)

Jan 26

✔️Solana Allocating $5M in Grants for Development in Asia (Source)
✔️dYdX Raises $10M to Add New Features and Market Expansion (Source)
✔️Ren Brings Dogecoin to Ethereum (Source)
✔️Yield (YLD) Reveals Token Supply Dashboard in Run-up to Mainnet Launch (Source)
✔️Balancer Launches Pilot for Gas Reimbursement (Source)

Jan 27

✔️Opium Network Introduces Novel Liquidity Mining Concept (Source)
✔️SushiSwap Attacked, According to Crypto Intelligence Firm (Source)
✔️Loopring (LRC) Unveils New Tokenomics Model (Source)

Jan 28

✔️Aave Releases Protocol Migration Tool (Source)
✔️BadgerDAO and UMA Collaborating to Create Exclusive Liquidity Pools on SushiSwap (Source)
✔️Uniswap Airdrop is Now Worth $5700 (Source)
✔️This DeFi Project Will Pay You ETH for Borrowing Crypto (Source)
✔️Reddit Forms First Blockchain Partnership With Ethereum Foundation (Source)

Jan 29

✔️MakerDAO TVL Nears $5B (Source)
✔️SnowSwap AMM is Picking Up Steam (Source)
✔️SushiSwap Gains Ground on Uniswap Following Yearn Merger (Source)


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