DeFi Monthly Recap - December 2020

DeFi Monthly Recap - December 2020

By D3F1 | DeFi Box | 5 Jan 2021

December 1

✔️ Band Protocol and Acala to Launch Open Oracle Gateway for Polkadot DeFi Services (Source)
✔️ Codefi's DeFi Bridge Integrates RenVM, Filecoin First Supported Asset (Source)
✔️ Ethereum's Beacon Chain Goes Live (Source)

December 2

✔️ Ampleforth (AMPL) Will Launch on TRON, Polkadot and NEAR (Source)
✔️ Loopring Launches AMM on Loopring 3.6 (Source)
✔️ 1inch Raises $12M in Funding Round Led by Pantera Capital (Source)

December 3

✔️ Aave Protocol V2 Launches on Mainnet (Source)
✔️ Polkadot Launches DeFi Alliance, Led By Chainlink (Source)
✔️ ConsenSys Founder Joseph Lubin Confident About Ethereum 2.0 (Source)
✔️ Visa Working with Circle to Integrate USDC into Payments Network (Source)
✔️ First Polkadot Decoded on December 3, Features Ampleforth, Ontology and Others (Source)

December 4

✔️ Solana Goes Down for 6 Hours (Source)
✔️ Chainlink Launches the Chainlink Builders Program (Source)

December 7

✔️ Maker Governance Community to Vote on Adding AAVE and Uniswap LP tokens as Collateral (Source)
✔️ Compound and Uniswap Put Grant Programs to Governance Vote (Source)

December 10

✔️ PowerPool Launched $YETI as an Index Token for Yearn Ecosystem (Source)

December 13

✔️ Origin Dollar to Compensate OUSD holders (Source)

December 14

✔️ Nexus Mutual CEO Hacked for $8M (Source)

December 15

✔️ Coinbase Pro Lists DeFi Tokens AAVE, BNT, and SNX (Source)
✔️ Uniswap Introduces Sybil, a Governance Tool for Delegation (Source)
✔️ Loopring Exchange V1 to Shut Down with Full Transition to V2 Set for 2021 (Source)

December 16

✔️ FTX Ahead of Its Competition With Tokenized Weed Stocks (Source)

December 17

✔️ The Graph Launches on Mainnet (Source)
✔️ Nexus Mutual Hacker Wants 10x in Ransom (Source)
✔️ Aave Surpasses $2B in Total Liquidity (Source)

December 18

✔️ Wrap Finance Loses Nearly $8M in Flash Loan Attack (Source)


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