Digital art_2021. Mountain Unicorns
Mountain Unicorn

Digital art_2021. Mountain Unicorns

Hi friends!

It's my another digital story about fantasy world and its inmates.

Mountain Unicorns

I started the sketch in Paint Tool SAI 2 as always.
This program has awesome color mixing brushes!
I like it!


In first step I selected base colors of background.

I want to match the colors in the tiger drawing, so it is supposed to be a series of art.

Base colors

Then I finded a color shades for Unicorn an environment (I want it to stand out well against a dark background) and direct of light to them (from Moon)


Drawing an environment with texture brushes (rock imitation).

Rock texture

In SAI, this is done by assigning a a certain form to the brush.

Texture Brush

Then I mark the location of the little unicorns around the moon.
In my idea, they just frolic in the air, rejoicing that they can fly

Little Unicorns

To draw a realistic ripple of the water I open my art in Photoshop and modificated one simple round brush with that option (this is the only inconvenience of brushes in Sai - the impossibility of deforming the base shape and changing the distance of the brush stroke scattering)

Warp the shape in the tab Brush Tip Shape

Water brush 2

and such settings in the tab Scattering

Water Brush option 1

It looks like a smooth surface of water, doesn't it?


Then I continue my drawing in Photoshop.

Used a suitable textured brush to form a nest (used two layers, higher and lower than the layer with Big Unichorn).
Drew a shadows and highlights on his.


With texture brush (as a crossed branches) I drew a highlights on a nest

nest highlights

Then I started to work with the Moon and a little unichornes.
For drawing the Moon I used some texture brushes.
An Unicorns, in my idea, should be translucent, besides, they are far away, so I didn't detail them, but only accentuated their shape with separate bright highlights

Moon and little Unicorns

Then I wanted to make a more atmospheric environment, and I added night clouds to the background, and I placed the darkest cloud behind the Unicorn to make it stand out more.
I also drew a glow behind the Moon and a shadow from the nest on the Unicorn.


Now the most exciting stage is working on the creation of the Big Unicorn.
I used hair brush to draw a mane
Horn and tail I drew with simple round brush changing pressure and opacity.

Big Unicorn

Then I wanted to bring more magic to the drawing (yes, this is my favorite digital technique - glow).
I maked it for little Unichorns (copied a layer, blured with Gaussian blur and changed blend mode to Linear Dodge (Add)).
I do the same with the Big Unicorn's mane, but changed blend mode to Exclusion.


And finally, I drew a stars in the darkest corner of the sky.
Yes, this is also my favorite trick in drawing fantasy scenes.


Finally color correction with adjustment layer Color Lookup
And my art is ready!

ready artwork

Thanks for all who read and like my posts))

If you have any questions about the drawing process or about working in the program, don't hesitate to ask them! ;)



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