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Integrating keybase with a php website

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Today's article will be a bit different from most of my articles. Its going to explain how to integrate keybase verification with a php website. This article is specifically for people who use php as a programming language and it assumes you have cod...

Python 3: Lesson 1 - Installation & Your first line of code

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Hi people, In this lesson i'll show you how to install, setup and write your first line of code in Python.Head to the official site and in the upper left side you'll see Downloads tab. Select your operating system (e.g. Windows) and make sure you dow...

Python 3: Lesson 0 - The Beginning

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Hi people, This is the first "lesson" from a set of tutorials about Python, that i'll write for you. I'll try to write short and concise info, not to get you bored with wall of text.First lesson and it starts with 0? Starts with 0, because in program...

HTML5 For Beginners [Part 1]

2 Apr 2019 5 minute read Livek $0.03 tipped

Welcome to my first post about HTML5. This is a tutorial for all the new website lovers and early front-enders. This section will be divided for some amount because i have a lot in my mind to share with you. If you are new in the web development worl...

Dolunay Efekti ( Fullmoon Effect) – (TR/EN) – Uygulamalı Photoshop Dersleri

11 Jun 2019 3 minute read etasarim $0.03 tipped

Uygulamalı Photoshop Derslerinin bu bölümünde dolunay nasıl yapılır onu göreceğiz. In this tutorial you will find that how to make the Fullmoon in Photoshop CC.   Amaç   Photoshop CC’de Dolunay Yapma Öğrenilecekler Brush Tool Gradient Layer Filt...