Payday Is Funday! Here Is My Crypto Payouts Report πŸ˜ƒ
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Payday Is Funday! Here Is My Crypto Payouts Report πŸ˜ƒ

Recently I read the post "Top Ten 3Cs - Crypto Content Creators!!" written by @SamBTC. This post was a #MyPublish0xAuthor contest entry and what I`ve read was this:


Of course, I was super happy reading that and I am gladly going to fulfill this personal request!

I guess, you also could be interested in my earnings. Check out, what I have earned this month. Here are the facts and numbers.

No. 7 Brave Browser and Brave Rewards

First of all, I am using the Brave Browser to earn Basic Attention Token (BAT). I receive BAT every month for seeing the ads displayed in the browser. At the beginning of May, I have received 34.89 BAT for the ads displayed.Β 

Normally I also get a payout in BAT from Brave Rewards but not at the beginning of May. I have referred zero new users in April but I have received 3.8 BAT in tips for my Twitter account. The minimum withdrawal amount in Brave Rewards is 5 BAT, so I could not withdraw.

In my crypto payout report, I only count crypto that is withdrawn.

That makes 34.89 BAT from Brave Browser and 0 BAT from Brave Rewards.

  • 34.89 BAT ($7,51)

No. 6 ChangeNOW

Last month, I won the ChangeNOW HODL event with 31,767 NOW Token. πŸ₯³

At the end of this month, my NOW tokens are worth $101,18!

ChangeNOW is actually running a lot of fun AMAs in their social media. If you are also looking for winning some NOW tokens, simply follow their social accounts like Twitter, Telegram, or simply here on Publish0x. You can not only win some NOW token but also some other coins and tokens like Callisto (CLO).

  • 31,767.7301 NOW ($101,18)

No. 5 Coinbase Earn

I have received the final $10 in EOS from coinbase earn Β last month. Now I have referred as many people as I could to coinbase earn.

And the end of the month, the EOS I have earned is worth $10,25.

  • 3.7893 EOS ($10.25)

No. 4 Staking Rewards

I have received staking rewards for staking Tezos (XTZ) and for staking Cosmos (ATOM) in May.

  • 0.4354 XTZ ($1,23)Β 
  • 0.3521 ATOM ($0.98)

No. 3 Telegram Tips

Well, it is not much, but it is pretty cool to receive crypto tips in Telegram Messenger Groups. I have received 100 Doge, 500 PAR, and 107 CLO as tips in Telegram Messenger Groups last month. Telegram Groups that are using a tipping bot are, for example, ChangeNOW Community Chat and the Callisto Network.Β 

  • 100 Doge ($0.25)
  • 500 PAR ($0.14)
  • 511 CLO ($0.28)

No. 2 Atomic Wallet

In April, I published the post "Start Quality Staking And Get 15 Atomic Wallet Coins (AWC) For Free 🀩". This post has performed extremely well, also in terms of referrals. I referred 80 active users to Atomic Wallet. I received 5 Atomic Wallet Coins (AWC) for each active user, makes 400 AWC in total.

Atomic Wallet also performed small airdrops in JUST (JST) and BitTorrent (BTT) for Tron holders. I am not a TRON holder, but I made a small exchange of $2 to have a small amount of Tron to check out how the airdrop is working. I received less than $0.01 in this airdrop.

  • 400 AWC ($84.04)
  • 3.13 BTT ($0.00)
  • 0.31759 JST ($0.00)

No. 1 Publish0x

Finally here is what you all have been waiting for, my Publish0x earnings in May.

I try to publish consistently every 48 hours, which means about 15 posts a month. This month I had been busy in real life, so I only managed to publish seven posts.

But I was very lucky on Publish0x in May. I won $10 in DAI in the AELF explainer contest with my post "How aelf Is Solving One Of The Biggest Problems Of Blockchain Technology #AelfExplained".

Then I won another $10 in DAI in the #MyPublish0xAuthor contest with my post "Here Are My TOP 5 Authors On Publish0x πŸ‘".

And like the cream on top, I have been rewarded with $5 in DAI for being among the nine favorite authors on Publish0x!


I am still super happy about that circumstance. Thank you so much for naming me as your favorite author in the Publish0x Telegram Group and thank you all for reading my posts and following my blog!Β  πŸ™‚

This made the month of May the best month I ever had on Publish0x. I have earned $56.77 in total last month.


  • 37.1994 DAI ($37.24)
  • 253.2703 LRC ($12.71)
  • 31.7242 BAT ($6.82)

The Final Math

I have earned 13 different cryptocurrencies worth $262.63. I am quite happy about this final math! 😁

Maybe you have recognized, that Publish0x is actually the only publishing platform that I actively use to monetize my content. I am not using platforms like steemit or uptrennd. There are two main reasons why I focus on Publish0x. First of all, publish0x is the most user-friendly and most easy to use platform that allows you to monetize your content. Furthermore, publish0x still is a quite young platform that allows you to grow your audience with the platform.Β 

Next month, I am expecting some bigger payouts from Presearch. Don`t forget that you also can still receive 25 PRE for FREEΒ just for signing upΒ via this link.

I hope I could provide you with some useful information by revealing this month`s earnings

Thank you guys for reading, liking, following, and tipping πŸ‘

If you like, you can also follow me onΒ Twitter.

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I look like an expert.

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