Top Ten 3Cs – Crypto Content Creators!!

Top Ten 3Cs – Crypto Content Creators!!

It’s hard to imagine that Publish0x now has over 100,000 registered users on the site. Considering how nascent the crypto industry is and how limited is the general awareness on the topic. Over the last 6 months I have read posts by hundreds of creators here. I have not been so regular in writing content as I would have liked but I make sure I read a few posts everyday. The shared tip split gives an added incentive to come here everyday. Since last year I have tried several crypto based platforms but I think the one I sticked on to is Publish0x. Steem is now having an existential crisis, Minds seems to be in a forever hibernation mode, I like Uptrennd but they seem to be in a soup since they opened up the platform to non-crypto topics. Publish0x is a great example of – slow and steady wins the race. They maintained their gameplan and didn’t try too many things too fast.

If I had to select the top 10 authors in my opinion it will a tough pick as I enjoy writings by many writers who have their own style and niche. Some are experts at presenting complex new topics in an easy to digest manner. Some create holistic post to cover all aspects of a new crypto project. Some perform miracles at predicting the next price moves (who doesn’t like fortune tellers). Some just copy paste material from news sites, but I will not be focusing on them.

So here goes the list of my top 10 fav writers, why I like reading their work and if they are willing to lend an ear I have also added some personal requests to them (I would be lucky if even 1 listens to me)


10. CryptoChartWizard91

Why do I like his work: Honestly speaking I am not a big fan of TA in Crypto as I personally think TA is more suitable for stocks and commodities and not for Crypto which is not mature enough for TA to apply. The whole situation with whales makes it even more irrelevant. However this is 1 guy whose TA I read. The reason is most TA is very technical- Fibonacci blah blah, Elliott wah wah etc etc or very vague- Trump is president so BTC is doomed. CCW (CryptoChartWizard91) does a great balancing work in tech factors and the market situation. I am a Bitcoin maximalist so I will never sell my BTC but I still read his projections to see what he has to say.

Personal Request: I don’t think I have seen a BAT analysis from you. Can you do one for me… pleaseee!!!


9. Mr. CryptoWiki

Why do I like his work: This guy is really regular and very detailed. I think he posts almost everyday and has probably covered every crypto project that exists. He should seriously consider creating a on the lines of Wikipedia. If you read his entire post it will be equivalent to reading the whitepaper, bluepaper, pinkpaper (yeah I made that up), company annual report, CEO criminal record etc. For people who get dizzy with long technical posts he even adds a sweet conclusion at the end so even if some things went over your head you can check the summary if the coin is gold or crap.

Personal Request: You have written about more than 100 coins, but I am really interested to know which ones do you actually hold in your portfolio (you know, the real deal!). How about a post on your portfolio?


8. Thunderboltkid

Why do I like his work: I like his journalisitic style of writing. He does some deep analysis of the crypto news and does some serious research to back up his posts. He is not afraid to call out the shenanigans the governmnts are up to and what do we need to watch out for. He is a crypto whistleblower.

Personal Request: Would be great if you did some post on how Crypto is going to fare with the whole COVID19 situation


7. SkinnerCrypto

Why do I like his work: His work is like an open book. This guy has no pretense and writes in a really frank manner. If you thought he is some loser hiding in a dimly lit basement you have been fooled. This guy is pure genius, just like Jim Carrey. He knows the power of self-deprecating humor, it is the stickiest style. No wonder his follower count is exponentially growing since the day he joined. His way of adding personal anecdotes makes you relate to him. His reference to his step dad made me form a mental bond (and I don’t even have a step dad)

Personal Request: I know you don’t like Bitcoin Maximalists (including me). What would be the 1 altcoin you would recommend us to diversify?

6. MarkHelfman

Why do I like his work: He is a true writer, I am sure he is a professional author. You can make out by the way he writes. His posts are not a basic list of facts he has a flair of presenting his views about the crypto space. He does not get into technical details or analysis, he rather focuses on practical aspects of Bitcoin adoption and future use cases.

Personal Request: How about a post on how you convinced your friends/ family into crypto?


5. Cryptonator`s Airdrop Hunt

Why do I like his work: This guy talks business. What to buy, what to avoid, what he is buying. He is the go to guy if you are looking for genuine ways to earn some crypto. He has written some great posts on staking and his articles got me more interested to explore which coins offer best staking rewards.

Personal Request: How about a post on your earnings from different platforms?



Why do I like his work: This guy is a specialist in DeFi. I must admit before I stumbled upon his post on DeFi I had no idea what it meant. He got me really hooked onto this area and now I must say I feel DeFi has the highest potential in all the crypto space.

Personal Request: How about a post on Kyber


3. Zulonga

Why do I like his work: He does a lot of posts on market movement and how they will impact Bitcoin. Specifically on whether a current set of events are going to boost the process or are signs of a bull trap. I think his predictions are quite accurate most of the time. He mentioned BTC will correct after the halving. I am waiting for that to buy the dips.

Personal Request: How about a post on BTC Vs Alts for 2020?


2. MuyAsk

Why do I like his work: He is like the Crypto dictionary. Read one of his post about a coin and it will save you hours and hours of searching the net by yourself. I really like his post on the stablecoins. Before reading that post I always thought they were crap and ignored them. What he wrote about Maker got me interested in DAO and now that DAI is added to Publish0x tipping I am reading up more about it every day.

Personal Request: How about a post on MuyAsk’s favourite coin. Also I always wondered what MuyAsk means, muy means a lot in Spanish so is it- Ask a lot?


1. Scott Cunningham

Why do I like his work: His comprehensive post about all the crypto platforms out there was the first article I read on Publish0x. His post about earning from different sites, got me started to join some of them and start participating more actively. He showed that crypto does offer the chance to escape the rat race and do what you are passionate about. His post about which platforms to avoid has saved so much time which would have been wasted by all of us. This guy I feel is gonna get really famous really soon. It’s a challenge that crypto is such a niche space. If he was talking about a more generic topic he would have had a million subscribers by now on youtube. Really underrated as of now for his efforts but I am sure he will soon get his due. All the best buddy.

What I really really really like about his work: His integrity and honesty. When he sees that a platform is crap he calls it out. He is not the guy to do fake promotions. So if he recommends something he really means it.

Personal Request: Please continue making the regular posts on how you are faring on the different platform it really inspires many of us. I know you are focusing more on videos than posts now. A quarterly Scott’s balance sheet for us would be awesome.


This is just to let you all guys know that your content has played a valuable role in what I know about the crypto world.

Keep up the good work!


STAY SAFE! From Coronavirus and from Crypto Whales!





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