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$DOGE matters in crypto

The $DOGE Pump Not Based on Fundamentals? Wrong, Boomer.

By Jimmython | cryptoinvesting | 30 Jan 2021

I've heard this too often to let it slide any more. Something you must understand that is essential to crypto — $DOGE is one of the most fundamentally sound coins on the market. The FUNdamentals of $DOGE created the environment for the entire market to thrive. 

I'm not being facetious in the least, Boomer. Pay attention.

Bitcoin was not the first version of digital currency. There were many attempts beforehand. None of them solved the Byzantine generals/double spending problem, but bitcoin was hardly flawless when it came out. There was a critical inflation bug that could have tanked the protocol early on if the intellectual capital wasn't there to solve the issue.

The reason BTC won above its predecessors was based on one thing, and it wasn't technology. It was adoption. The digital community was finally ready, mature enough, to focus its efforts around a decentralized protocol — to combine efforts for success without taking the glory usually reserved for innovators of this magnitude. Most of the developers who made Bitcoin as hard as it is, you don't know their names.

This was a very serious endeavor, and it's no surprise that Dogecoin popped up soon after Bitcoin as a lighthearted meme. It was quickly adopted as well because it represented the cyberpunk attitude of the post-financial crisis digital world better than any utilitarian protocol. Participation in Dogecoin said to others, "I realize that this digital community seriously talking about serious paperless money is a seriously crazy idea, and it's so crazy that I'm going to invest my time and energy into something even crazier — a paperless money that doesn't even have any technology behind it!" This was the moment that small community freed itself from every predisposition placed on it by mainstream finance and became free enough to innovate the beginnings of today's crypto space.

Doge was fun. It had FUNdamentals. Making something fun enough to keep you working on it through the tough times is essential for success.

Dogecoin represented the digital community's ability to gather around an idea. The fact that idea was rooted in a meme, not in serious technology, made the collusion even more impressive and powerful. In this way, Dogecoin widened the space for the thousands of coins that came after. With Bitcoin, people saw that the technology of a permissionless, borderless money over an immutable ledger was possible. With Dogecoin, people saw that there would actually be others to transact with.

Dogecoin is also the predecessor to every monetized meme we have in the crypto space today. When the NFT space pops off, it derives every bit of its success to Dogecoin.

The Gamestop Revolution owes its strength to Dogecoin. Do your history. This isn't the first time $DOGE has pumped after some lame Boomer finance activity. It happens a lot. Why? It's the new generation of people saying they're backing their money with fun instead of gun.

Every NFT-based game from Cryptokitties to Axie Infinity is a descendant of $DOGE. They're all just monetized memes, people. And if we end up winning the battle against traditional finance and all of its corrupt hordes of garbage people, Dogecoin will have played a massive role. There's a reason that Elon Musk tweets about $DOGE and he invents so much cool stuff. He knows the secret behind success that a lot of you technical traders miss — having fun and being part of a fun community. That's also why Tesla consistently makes everyone's list of Top Places to Work every year. Do you think it would be that way if Musk was tweeting Solidity smart contract code errors?

Don't ever say $DOGE doesn't have any fundamentals again. Without people, without adoption around ideas that most people think are crazy, none of the tech in crypto matters.

$DOGE to $1!



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