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JPMorgan Alerts Bitcoin May Never Go Above $40,000 Again

By Jimmython | cryptoinvesting | 27 Jan 2021


Bottom line, these thieves are trying to steal your bitcoin.

For those who don't know, bitcoin is in contention to be a global reserve currency. That's the reason Microstrategies, Paypal, the Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs, Square and every other person on the planet with money is trying to get in it. And if you think that a global reserve currency collateral is going to be worth $40,000 at most, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you.

JPMorgan is trying to get noobs to sell their bitcoin to the market so JPMorgan can snatch it up and rule the world. Supply is drying up, and these banks can't get any more BTC under the table from OTC exchanges. So what is the plan? Get you to sell yours to the market to drive the price down then buy it. They steal your sovereignty and your financial power. You are losing more than you know.

If you are new to bitcoin, just trust me on this one. The guy you never met writing on the Internet. No, I'm serious. I'm a complete stranger, and I'm more trustworthy than JPMorgan. Have you done your Googles on JPMorgan? Seen the money they've laundered and who they've laundered it for? I haven't done anything like that.

Bitcoin will be a 6-digit asset in the near future, and possibly a 7-digit asset in the future. Maybe 8. Who knows. All I know is that 5 years from now, it will be more valuable than it is today. Anything with those stats, I keep.

Don't sell your bitcoin to these dogs.



Always remember:

Burgerswap Bridge will steal your crypto
Deus.Finance is led by a psychotic wannabe despot
AllianceBlock is a shit project
All algorithmic stablecoins (Basis Cash, Mithril, Empty Set Dollar) are a SCAM

Don’t get your bitcoin from PayPal
Trade on BSC, not Ethereum
Ivan on Tech, Elliotrades and Bitboy are complete liars, and
If you are always losing money trading crypto, read here.

Gems I'm investing in:

NFTs - Doki Doki
Trading - Unimex
Finance - Soar

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I believe the best way to make money in any market is to cut out the scams and invest well with what's left. I traded up from 5 figures to 7 in the 2021 bull market with this strategy, and more importantly, kept that money during the bear.

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