Coinbase is Why You Shitbertarians Won't Win
Brian Armstrong and Coinbase are creating a centralized, racist culture in crypto.

Coinbase is Why You Shitbertarians Won't Win

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 30 Nov 2020

You're all fake. It's all a show.

The modern libertarian crypto movement is nothing more than a bunch of selfish, immature white (and wannabe white) American frat boys pretending to have a bigger goal than profiteering in crypto. You watched a couple of Alex Jones videos and think you're somehow going to bro your way out of paying taxes. But your philosophy only extends to those who look like you, and when the government does actually challenge you, do you just what Alex Jones did — call yourselves performance artists and back the fuck down like pussies.

Coinbase is indicative of the hypocrisy I've watched run rampant in the shitbertarian movement ever since I knew what a shitbertarian was. Coked up nerds who've read 1984 too many times and now think they have a shot at running the world because their porfolio did a 10X in 2017. Brian Armstrong assembled a bunch of you to work at Coinbase, and you did what you always do. You created a weak, spineless culture pretending to be rebels with a cause, made the black folks who trusted your vision feel bad, and eventually ended up punking out when government pulled your hole card.

Coinbase will eventually become less of a force in crypto. As its libertarian facade is stripped from it, there will be no reason to use it. Its feature base will be limited through regulation. Its customer service was never good. Its executive team will slowly start looking for the exits while management and staff end up taking the shaft when the money stops flowing.

But what's interesting — Coinbase is showing just how connected Western white racism is to worldwide white racism. Coinbase hires plenty of whites with Eastern European sounding names, including Kim Milosevich, Coinbase's spokesperson who responded to the recent New York Times article about racism at Coinbase and the Asian PR person who said "the NYT article may be difficult to read."

I've been to Serbia and many poor white countries with strong Nazi holdover from World War II. And I'd just say to all of you — our new president Joe Biden has no problem treating you just as badly as he treats the black citizens of his own country. Rewind the tape to the 1990s when then Senator Biden led the charge to unilaterally bomb Novi Sad and other cities in the Balkans to further his own ends. Western racism will turn on you eventually, and it's hilarious to see you thinking you actually have a seat at the table over here. XD XD XD

That part is too bad, because Ivan on Tech was my favorite cryptoshill to listen to. I'd heard he was a shitbird when it came to business, but I was disappointed to find out he was a shitbird in life as well. Oh well. I'll still listen to his commentary, because his market analysis is on point. But I'm fundamentally in competition with him now rather than in collaboration. 

Brian Armstrong is just the tech version of Stefan Molyneux. Sounds smart until you realize they're doing everything they can to promote hate and stop paying taxes. That's what this is all about — the young white kid feels bullied by the world because a black guy stole his girlfriend in high school and he had to pay taxes. So now he infects crypto with his disgusting, weak philosophy.

I must say this as well. I hope the New York Times article doesn't stop black people from getting into crypto. Liberals LOVE to do this shit. Anything that flies in the face of the deep state, they put a racism charge on it. The racism charge is true, but racism shouldn't stop you from getting rich. Crypto is the new gold rush. Double fuck Coinbase, but get in, folks. Get in, get in, GET IN.

That's why I say again — support companies with a decentralized philosophy so Armstrong's gross attitude can't get in the way of progress. Get your money away from Coinbase now. Don't use Paypal or Celsius or invest in XRP or Energi. The short term gains aren't worth the long term ramifications, and there are SO many projects in the crypto space to make ridiculous money. The purpose of crypto is to give everyone enough so the ignorant, weak philosophies of people like Brian Armstrong can die. And the people, too, can be cut off from society instead of centralized within it.

It's hilarious that weak people think they're going to change the entire United States government when they can't even change themselves into upright human beings with integrity.


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