Coinbase Racist? Ivan on Tech a Selfish Racist Shill?
Is Ivan on Tech racist, and should he be leading the discussion on crypto?

Coinbase Racist? Ivan on Tech a Selfish Racist Shill?

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 27 Nov 2020

In one of Ivan on Tech's latest videos, he takes time out to address the allegations of Coinbase workplace racism. He did so only to showcase his own disdain that anyone should care about racism, not to make any kind of important point.

Throughout the video, Ivan kept repeating over and over, "I don't think it matters! I don't think it matters!" like some kind of Serbian parrot. If it doesn't matter, Ivan, why did you bring the article up in the first place? If you have so many other important things to do, why don't you just skip the damn story, idiot? 

No, what Ivan did is expose himself to the world for what he is — a profiteer who just wants to shill crypto to get rich. He is indicative of this entire generation of crypto investors — selfish and dangerously uncoupled from normal society.

This is truly disappointing considering that the entire philosophy of crypto is to provide equal opportunity for everyone. If people don't have to compete over resources because crypto provides them, they should be much better able to come together in general harmony, right? Wrong. Not with people like Ivan leading the discussion.

To hear Ivan tell it, no individual should have any concern for his fellow man. Credibly alleged racism at Coinbase should be glanced over with no attention given to the people who may have been hurt. He just HAD to make this point.

Again, if Ivan really didn't care about the story, he could have just skipped it. No, what he did was insidious. He brought up the story specifically to express his disdain at it. Borderline racism on his part if you ask me, not just Coinbase's.

We need to do better. For all of you so-called libertarians, this is where you must employ self-governance. Otherwise the government will use stories and attitudes like this to justify creating the "socialism" that you all say you hate. After all, if you bring up stories about racism just to say you don't care about them, you present yourself as an inhuman animal incapable of self-governance. You must therefore be governed from the outside.

As for those people potentially hurt by the Coinbase story, don't let it scar you on crypto. Crypto itself is an empowering tool regardless of the selfish racist trash who leads the discussion these days. I wouldn't even say boycott Ivan. He's got good information. We must use it to profit in the space, compete against his voice and eventually drown it out with a human philosophy. Just don't give him money. Don't hit the like button on his videos, don't join his academy and don't buy his shit NFTs.

And Coinbase. Coinbase is a dying animal anyway — a centralized exchange that has had its day. It's going to get regulated out of business very soon. Learn how to use DEXs (decentralized exchanges) and take your share of the future.

Otherwise we leave it to losers like Ivan.


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