Need Inspiration for the Publish0x Meme Contest (Win $20 by Creating 1 Meme)? Here Are My Memes!

Need Inspiration for the Publish0x Meme Contest (Win $20 by Creating 1 Meme)? Here Are My Memes!

As you probably already know

Publish0x used to pay us -- the users of the platform -- by providing tips in Ethereum ETH, Basic Attention Token BAT and Looping LRC. All are very good choices if you ask me. The minimum payout is $1 worth of each coin and you can pay out once per month.

Publish0x has just added a fourth coin for tipping: Ampleforth AMPL.

To be honest, I don't know much about the coin yet, but what I do know is that to celebrate the new coin, Publish0x have increased the tips their users get by 50% until Tuesday! Let me say that again: 50%! This is a massive increase. Don't hesitate, take advantage of this limited time offer.

Win $1 extra

If you post a screenshot of you tipping a Publish0x author, you can win a prize of $1 on top of all that. (See link below for details.)

Even better: Publish0x have started a meme contest

The 20 best memes are given a prize of $20 each. And if your meme is exceptionally good, you can win a special prize. (See link below for details.)

The end of the meme contest is December, 7th. So, there is still quite some time to participate. 😊

How much work is it to create a meme?

Once you have the idea, creating a meme is very quick and simple. Just search for "meme generator" using your favorite search engine. The website provides the pictures. You type in your text. If you want to, you can adjust the color, size and placement of the text, but usually the standard settings work great. And done. Easy as that. 😊

What are some examples for memes?

I'm glad you asked, because I have created some myself. 😁

The topic of the meme contest is "tipping with AMPL on Publish0x". Keep that in mind.

Example 1

This is my first attempt.


Example 2

I have created two variations of the same meme. Which do you prefer? 



Example 3

I have created several different versions of pretty much the same meme. Each different version gives the text a slightly different vibe. Which is your favorite?







These last memes have quite a short expiration date to be honest. 😅🙈

As you can see

I quite enjoyed this contest. 😂

What do you think?

Do I have a chance of winning one of the prizes? Did you like any of my memes?

Will you participate in the contest, too?

If so, I wish you the best of luck.

If not, why not?

Oh and by the way

You can create regular memes (pictures with text) or even videos or songs. I believe that videos and songs have a great chance of winning special prizes. 🤑

Links for more information

$20 for one meme contest.

$1 for a screenshot contest.

How tipping works on Publish0x.


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