How I Made $4.50 In My First 3 Days on With 2 of my Publish0x Articles -- And You Can Do It, Too!

Hello good people of Publish0x!

First of all, let me tell you that I enjoy the Publish0x community a lot. I met lots of great people here who inspired me and I am super happy that I found this platform -- which got me started with blogging for the very first time in my life about 2 months ago.

Fellow author @The Kragle recommended that I should try in addition to Publish0x -- and so I did, finally, a couple of days ago.

Initial thoughts on

Publish0x is much more approachable and straightforward to understand -- and let's say it how it is: Publish0x is not as weird as

Yes, compared to the nicely polished editor of, Publish0x looks like a website from the 90s, but when you publish an article on Publish0x, many people look at it and people decide to give you tips -- which are provided by the platform. That's genius and very motivating for authors to write more content!

What does do instead? 

They have implemented a self-learning AI called "The Random Rewarder" that distributes a total of $500 in Bitcoin cash per day. (And users may tip you as well, but they have to pay for the tips out of their own pockets -- or wallets. -- Coming from Publish0x that sounds insane!)

So the main goal of is to please the AI

Yes, that's right. If you want a nice big piece of the daily $500 cake, learn to please the AI.

How to do it?

  • Write long articles -- at least 3 minutes read time. Don't write short posts.
  • Publish the articles on first. After about 2 days you can copy and paste it to anywhere on the internet. The AI just cares about being first. (This is called exclusivity on -- and they make a really big deal out of it.)
  • Don't point out any flaws in the website, don't make suggestions to improve the website. Don't give hints on how to get the most tips. Best is not to talk about the website at all.
    -- That's the reason why this article will never be published on ;)
  • Don't use referral links in your articles, don't beg for followers, likes or something like that.all. (You can add referral links after a couple of days once you feel like you won't receive any more tips from the AI.) 
  • Don't use copyrighted images.

The full list of dos and don'ts can be found here. And that is pretty much all that counts on

As the AI is self-learning, it takes the likes and dislikes of the website's users into account. Therefore, you want to maximize your views and your likes. 

What to expect: 

Expect 0 views, 0 likes and 0 tips at first. Don't worry, that's normal.

Don't be depressed when that happens. It happened to me as well. 

What to do

First of all join some communities that match the topics of your first posts. The communities are like subreddits and in the beginning, they are the best way to get your articles noticed. 

Write an amazing full article of 3 minutes reading time or more trying to please the AI and publish it.

After you published your article, apply to submit it to the community that matches the topic best and wait two days. It may take some time (maybe even an entire day) for the moderators of the community to manually accept your application. That's normal. 

Once your article has been accepted, you can expect the first tip of about $0.01 from the AI. But don't worry. Your article will probably be tipped again and the tips will be much higher than the initial tip.

What happened in my case?

I'm not sure whether there was a bug with the AI or not.

Honestly, I cannot believe it myself, but I made almost $4.50 on within the first 3 days -- just by publishing two articles there which I wrote for Publish0x. Luckily, I had not published these articles yet and so I was able to copy them over and publish them first on After waiting two days, I finally published the same articles on Publish0x as well.

Want Proof? 

This is the link to my most-tipped article so far. This is the link to the same article on Publish0x -- where it did quite well, but did not even reach 10% of the tips I got on

The tips came directly from the platform's AI tipping algorithm. 

If you produce long, good, original content anyway, I am sure that your articles will also receive quite a bit of tips by the platform's AI. Therefore, I can recommend publishing first on I would appreciate if you considered using my referral link when you sign up:

There are absolutely no disadvantages to you if you use it. To the contrary: You will gain me as your lifetime supporter on both platforms, Publish0x and

Summary for success 

The trick is to publish first on, wait for about two days until all the tips from the AI arrive (you might receive multiple tips from the AI for the same article) and AFTERWARDS, you can publish the exact same articles on Publish0x. (The other way around does not work, because you won't receive the tips from the AI if the content was published elsewhere first.)


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