Is Financial independence possible using blockchain? (weekly HIVE, TRON and BCH portfolio updates)

Is Financial independence possible using blockchain? (weekly HIVE, TRON and BCH portfolio updates)

There are few inspiring events this week. First shoutout is for team and their magic button that, once clicked, will stake all your hundred Hive tokens at once. Minutes or maybe even hours of irrelevant work were saved by this little app. Second, implemented a new gimmick, increasing drastically the CUB rewards on their Kingdoms. Yay, more CUB for me. And third, the new card renting system on Splinterlands is working perfectly. I rent just the extra gold cards for now, but seems to add a drip of DEC daily to my account. Not bad. I only do not understand what is happening with CTP, as its value is sinking lower and lower. Now 2000 CTP are barely $12. Will this be POB fate too, given enough time? I hope not. But they need to add some utility to the token in order to maintain the value, once the hype is gone.


Hive: 1734 - $588 (+49)

Leo: 2525 - $569 (+1203)

LBI: 200 - $76 (zero)

SPT: 970K - $319 (+8K)

CTP: 2084 - $12 (+14)

CTPSB: 50 - $26 (zero)

LENM: 26 - $43 (+1)

POB: 1745 - $390 (+84)

BROFUND: 12 - $23 (+1)

UTOPIS: 3 - $3.45 (+3)

Total: $2049 ($1745 last week)

The total value is $304 up this week. Big plans for July, I dare to say 2000 HIVE, 1800 POB, 1 MILLION SPT, 3000 LEO, 15 BROFUND and 30 LENM. This week I reached the 2500 LEO mark, thanks to and the 1700 POB. The only way is up. The Snail project works fine, with one UTOPIS and one BROFUND to be bought every week. I have the patience to see them accumulating in few years.

As for curation, I have delegated 1000HP to @leo.voter for some nice daily LEO, and 971K SPT to @monster-curator for more STP, planning to keep it like that until end of July at least.


As for Bitcoin Cash, I am getting closer to become a full fledged member of 1BCH CLUB, with 0.79 BCH in my wallet right now (total value: $360). Sadly something happen to my account and I cannot login or recover password, and this is the second time when this bug happened. I'm running out of emails to use. I believe the issue is with my email using a dot in the middle of the name. 


On Tron network, this week I got 12 TRX from 10050 Tron staking and 21 TRX from 1.2M Wink staking, so the total is 33 TRX ($1.91).

That's all for today.

All the best,



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