Is Now The Time?
Chart showing the patterns of the market

Is Now The Time?

BAT, among other crypto, have been on a DECLINE the last couple of days. Looking at the graphs using the week view we see a decline in cost/value, and if the patterns are correct we should see a climb in cost/value once again.

  Now that does this mean?

  It means that now its the time to buy, buy, buy! You gotta be smart about it tho, you don't want to put all your chips into one pot; Rising the price if others see an increase, FOMO is a bitch. Not only that but spreading your assets reduces risk of major loss and increases chance of profit.

  My moneys on ETH, BAND, BAT, and OMG. Maybe I'll just choose two out of the four, here I am acting like I'm made of funds


  BAT caught my attention, as it probably did to most of us, because of it being the first major Token of it kind; Not to mention with its growing user base and Hand-in-hand browser, Brave. Sixteen million monthly active users bolster BATs' value and with rising numbers you can believe BAT will be more widely used, the future of online advertising for sure!


In a span of about a month BAT rose from its $0.25 base I began at and peaked at $0.4387 only to drop at what it is now. I wouldn't be worried about it as Brave bought back many of those tokens so there was an artificial rise, I don't expect it to fall below $0.30, here's to hoping!


  BAND is something I have yet to fully research, but the staking rewards on Atomic are, right now at 17%, too good to pass up. So before you decide to put any resources into it i suggest to DYOR.


  OMG is the special one to me as it can act a a currency on a social media network. There are many that are around that try to do the same thing but none hold as much value in the market as OMG does, holding around a steady $5.10 per Token from $1.90 just earlier this month. I expect this Token to grow as more social platforms are created on block-chain tech. Major players in the industry may take a liking into crypto and adopt some new strategies to get themselves into block-chain space.



Now may be the time to buy!

Regardless, I would recommend keeping a close eyes on your favorite Tokens/Coins, maybe you'll hit the timing lottery!


I believe that we are what we are in fault of our surrounding information and accrued knowledge. Everything I post is in hopes of expanding others imagination and perspective of life around them. (Will be updated..regularly?)


Just things I've noticed on cryptocurrency and purchase patterns . etc.

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