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Don't Quit

By cracken | crack | 28 May 2020

In life, matters will on occasion go wrong. Not the all things will work in line with what you planned but regardless of how matters turn out, don't quit.

When the street looks so far and your destination seems unreachable, don't stop moving. Every step takes you closer. It doesn't depend if it is a wet or sunny day or a typhoon threatening to throw you away. Dig your toes in the ground keep moving. Don't stop. 

When you have got misplaced all motives to smile and instead of a smile, all you've got left is a sigh. Think about folks who are six toes below, they can't even sense any emotion. Sigh a little, frown a little, even cry a little in case you must but don't quit.  

Is the debts greater than your income? Feels such as you will by no means recover? Don't quit. Even if the factors are crawling, in no way neglect that little drops makes a strong ocean. Don't quit.

Keep writing. Keep engaging. All it takes is simply one post, one comment to shoot you to limelight. It may look like it is by no means happening however remember, it may be close to while it seems so far so don't end Quitters by no means ever win and winners by no means ever stop. Choose which one you are today

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