Splinterlands | Season 57 Report Card

Splinterlands | Season 57 Report Card

By costanza | costanza | 17 Sep 2021

It has been a long time since I made one of these Splinterlands report cards and it's interesting to see how it evolved. From the looks of it, the top used monsters/summoners stats are offline and can't be generated but the Rental & SPS earnings are there which is quite nice. Splinterlands has changed quite a bit with the big growth in players along with the rental system. The overall earnings are off the chart compared to what is was during 2020 in which I tracked them religiously all year long. Looking back at those reports making the calculations of how much it all is worth now makes me happy to be in it for the long run having kept nearly everything that I earned. This past month, I have been in a combined mode of taking profit while also still accumulating and I guess I will keep this mode going.



While I stayed in Gold League in the past battling for the season-end rewards, right now they seem to be just out of reach so I move up to Diamond near the end to get more reward chests. Where in the past there would be these crazy 50+ game winning streaks, right now they seem to be gone as the general opponents have a lot better cards and often level 6 summoners (I'm at level 5 still). I'm quite happy winning ~57% of my battles even though I could do better if it wasn't for forcing summoners to complete daily quest onto the game rules way too often.



Since most reward cards were fully printed, it was quite hard to get them but this will be exponentially higher in the next season with the new reward cards. Values without a doubt will be a lot lower though. The Axemaster still goes for 7$ which I got 2 of. The average DEC earnings for a ranked game was around 40 DEC (0.22$) while I managed to get a total of 17838 DEC form ranked play earnings




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