Splinterlands | October 2020 Sign-Up Promo Deal

Splinterlands | October 2020 Sign-Up Promo Deal

By costanza | costanza | 2 Oct 2020

I continue to offer a win-win deal each month in 2020 for new players that want to start playing the Splinterlands game and sign up with my Referral Link. These are all the cards I have on offer to be leased out in October...


Dark Energy Crystals Price Update

I wrote a post back in June this year on "Reasons DEC Price Will Go Up +33%". It took a while, but today the price reached that goal as 1000 DEC goes for 0.848$ currently which is a +41% increase compared to where it was when I made the post.

The Azmaré Dice reduced a part of the supply, many (including myself) are still holding on their DEC earnings (I'm at ~300k) with an eye on the upcoming land sale and DEC was just added to Uniswap (See Post) giving rewards to Liquidity providers.


September Sign-Ups

There were 14 new sign-ups last month with only 2 of them taking me up on the deal I'm offering by also getting the Summoner's Spellbook. As promised, both of them got a lot of extra cards leased out to help them get at least enough Collection Power to multiply the rewards they are able to get without needing to invest more. From the 12 other, 7 didn't play a single game, 4 played 3 games or less and 1 played 10 games.

The game simply has a horrible initial user experience (aside from signing up which is extremely easy, fast, and convenient). Even though the game is quite simple to understand at its core, new players tend to get overwhelmed and stressed out now knowing what to do when first entering the game. Even though a tutorial is on its way, I get a sense that the devs just don't understand how to offer new players a fun and easy experience where they don't require any mental effort to get to a point where they understand how everything works.

The State of Splinterlands

Many changes have been made the last month introducing the League Ranking and Collection Score system. These pretty much resulted in the game having become a lot less fun (at least that's how I experience it). What worries me the most is that the team seems to believe these changes are actually great talking complete nonsense.

"New players will be able to experience the game and will get a taste of what it's all about, they will start gradually winning some cards over time. Collection power, it's not a thing where they go OMG, I'm never going to get that far I'm going to give up. I mean hopefully, they will see it as a goal to work towards' ...

-> New players get a not so fun experience and will instantly be locked behind a paywall without any sense of progression. It's not fun to grind for an hour trying to complete the daily quest to get rewarded with 1 useless potion.

"In a lot of sports, to compete at the highest levels, you need expensive equipment. For a lot of franchised sports, richer teams have a major advantage over poorer teams because they can hire better and more expensive players. And even if there are salary caps, sometimes that can actually exacerbate the inequalities."

-> How does this contribute to the fun of the game, many matches feel like San Marino playing against Germany.

I still think the core of the game is excellent but they really need to start focussing on making the experience more fun again on all levels and to have it feel way more rewarding without actually giving out too many high-value rewards.

Right now I'm in wait and see mode and won't be actively recommending the game to others anymore as I used to. I am still sticking to my plan of tracing my personal earnings on a monthly basis and offering a sign-up deal for those that do want to get into the game.

Signing up using a referral link also will give you 1 free random card from the @sl-giveaways account which is a promotion from the Splinterlands team.


There are multiple ways to earn money with the game and I break them all down in my Monthly Results & Earnings Reports. September results will likely be up next week and will show a drop after the new implementations.

August 2020 | +138.59$
July 2020 | +112.81$
June 2020 | +105.77$
May 2020 | +180.38$
April 2020 | +133.93$
March 2020 | +76.153$
February 2020 | +105.25$
January 2020 | +136.44$


The Splinterlands game can be played for free within minutes to see if it's something you might enjoy. (as a free player and be unable to earn rewards). I will lease out the Creeping Ooze to everyone that gets in my Affiliate Player list (use this link). This way you know for sure that you are on there and will be getting all the card leases when you end up getting the Summoner's Spellbook! The deal this month is pretty much the same as last month...


The game makes it so that you first need your summoner at a higher level before you are able to combine cards and play those at a higher level with better stats. I have bought a lot of Legendary Camila Sungazer Summoners just to lease out. Since the dragon summoners are different as they allow to be combined with selected class cards, this one pretty much makes it possible to play all common cards at Level 3 and all Rare/Epic cards at Level 2 from the get-go which should give a big advantage! On top it's also worth 1000 DEC which gives a major boost for the collection score. In case I run out of these cards, the Delwyn Dragonscale Dragon Level 3 Summoners will be leased out. 


I will also be leasing out these Leveled Up Cards on top...


New Cards

I hit the market again last month buying some new cards I previously didn't have to be leased out. I have 10 of each available this month to be leased out of which one is a summoner.


Gold Foil Cards

I have been holding on to all the gold foil cards I managed to get my hands on and they are now coming in handy as they are a major boost for the collection score since they are worth more (playing them gives +10% extra DEC). I will be leasing out 1 of these Gold cards to everyone that signs up starting with the ones that have the highest DEC value first-come-first-served.


Other Cards

This is a collection of more useful cards for all summoners which should help especially with specific match rules.




Based on the average number of sign-ups in the last months, I should have enough cards to lease out to everyone. In case they somehow all would go out before the end of the month, I will introduce a new deal with other cards that I will buy on the market this month or recover from previous deals I have been offering. No matter what happens, I make sure everyone that signs up with my Referral Link will get enough cards to get a clear early-game advantage without the direct need to invest anything aside from the 10$ Summoner's Spellbook

Feel free to contact me on the SBC Discord Channel (username is costanza#2335) if you have questions or want a more extended experience testing the game for free or speed up the delegation process. This deal most likely will be adjusted next month based on the cards I have available.

To understand what the game is about and how it can be played check the video below!

Important: Treat games in the first place as games and not as investment opportunities, Splinterlands allows you to earn some money and get good returns but you are much better off flipping burgers in Mcdonalds when looking at the money earned for the time invested.

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