Splinterlands | General Strategy Guide

Splinterlands | General Strategy Guide

By costanza | costanza | 24 May 2020

I have basically been grinding out the daily quests while neglecting my skill level in Splinterlands most of the time and have never sat down to really think about the best decks to play are based on the specific game rules. From now on, I will try to do this more regularly and write down what I learned to provide somewhat of a strategy guide starting with the basics.


Splinterlands Game Goals

Games are generally played as a form of entertainment and are nowadays nearly always build with mechanics that provide a dopamine rush. Being able to Level up getting stronger, win & open Loot Chests, RNG, Strategize, improve skills, enjoyable gameplay loop, overcome challenges, ...

Splinterlands has most of these with the difference that you are able to actually earn something by playing the game. This gives an entirely new dimension to it as earning itself can become a game within the game which strangely enough can make it all far less enjoyable. If you play the game to maximize earnings, you are best off with multiple lower-level accounts grinding out all the daily quests each day or running bots that play for you missing a lot of the fun.

Finding some kind of Balance between playing the game properly while getting good returns on the investment and have earnings be somewhat meaningful is what makes this game enjoyable for me.

More cards Low-Level vs Fewer High-Level Cards?

In the early days of Splinterlands, having fewer cards but at a higher level was way more optimal compared to having all cards at lower levels. This changed as more individual game rules were introduced which making specific Level 1 cards at times way more powerful compared to most general strong leveled up cards.

What Summoner Level to aim For?

This is a very tricky one because leveling up and being able to climb in rankings is a fun gameplay loop. Hitting a wall being faced against players you have no chance against because they simply have better cards can be frustrating. The problem with leveling up right now is that the cost doesn't justify the increase in earnings.


To give an example, The last person that signed up with my Referral link taking advantage of the sign-up deal easily managed to reach Gold leagues with just a 10$ investment getting the Summoner's Spellbook.


This gives an excellent ROI but doesn't make the earnings themselves significant. If I were to make a rough estimation, to make the absolute earnings go x3 or x4 on that account, the money invested will probably have to go at least x50 the way the game currently operates.

From my own experience, having Level 3 Summoners is a nice sweet spot to aim for. This allows you to play Level 2 Legendary cards and also fully utilize the golden foil cards without it getting overly expensive. Reaching Diamon Levels is also easily possible with a Level 3 collection. A Card collection value somewhere between 50$ and 200$ should get you there, the game becomes more enjoyable and monthly earnings can add up to 20$-25$ playing 30-100 minutes a day.

How Many Leveled Up Summoners?

If anything, you really need to complete the daily quests which are one of the primary sources of earnings in the game. Each day you get 1 which can be swapped if you don't like it. There are 7 different Quests, for each summoner (6) and one where no Neutral Monsters can be used. You don't need to have all your summoners Leveled up. These are the probabilities that you get stuck on the daily quest.


Only having 4 out of 6 Summoners Leveled up (~30% cost reduction) just gives an estimated 4.1% chance you will get stuck each day with a quest that involves one of the other 2 summoners. From a game enjoyment point of view it is best to just have them all at a similar power level so regardless of what daily quest you get it should be easy to clear.

Buying Cards vs Buying Packs?

While Buying packs is certainly more fun because it has this gambling aspect to it with a chance to get something really valuable when getting Lucky. Building a collection by buying cards directly from others will likely be cheaper right now. Splinterlands is basically a market with supply and demand. If demand is too high and people aren't selling cards, the price will go up making it more profitable to buy packs. Especially for Reward cards there is a big supply and low demand making those very cheap cards despite many of them being really powerful. I use monstermarket.io which gives a 3% cashback on all card purchase off the market. All in-game earnings (Card Values & DEC earnings) can be used to buy cards in the game.


A good strategy to go about Splinterlands is to have...

- An enjoyable Gaming Experience
- A Moderate Investment
- Meaningful Earnings

A Way to Possibly Achieve this is to aim for...

- Level 3 Summoners
- 3 or 4 Leveled Up Summoners
- Buys Cards > Buy Packs



I continue to run a monthly promo offer (See Full Deal) giving players who sign up with my referral link to test out the game a big early game advantage with a bunch of extra leased cards. There is also still an offer running incentivizing new players to use a referral link as they will receive 1 random card from the @sl-giveaways which currently only has 383 cards in it and will likely run out at some point.  Feel free to contact me on the SBC Discord Channel (username is costanza#2335) if you have questions or want a more extended experience testing the game for free or speed up the delegation process. 

Important: Treat games in the first place as games and not as investment opportunities, Splinterlands allows you to earn some money and get good returns but you are much better off flipping burgers in Mcdonalds when looking at the money earned for the time invested.

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