Splinterlands | How Much Playing Earns! (December Report)

By costanza | costanza | 7 Jan 2021

I have kept close track of all my Splinterlands earnings now with this post for a full year. This is the report for December...


The State of Splinterlands

Most of the year 2020, playing Splinterlands has been quite fun and something of a routine I do in the morning while watching some youtube crypto with the earnings as a nice bonus. The combination of having played daily for 1+ years along with the changes that were made that screwed up the matchmaking system makes it all feel like a daily task at the moment instead of an actual game. I'm not 100% sure how I will continue in 2021 but I'm quite sure it won't be at the same pace as last year. I'm still hoping they fix the pay2win balance issues but I'm not really counting on it as the crypto bull market likely won't force them to do it in the short run.

December 1st Collection Value

I haven't sold a single card during the entire 2020 just collecting and reinvesting a part of what I earned shifting gold cards to my secondary account. I'm barely completing the daily quests there these days leaving a lot of the Capture Rate untouched and am thinking about just selling that account in the coming months even though I haven't pulled the trigger yet.


The total card collection value at the start of the month was 1675.89$ and a big part of that are duplicate cards which I'm leasing out to players that have signed up with my referral link. I'm still offering a sing-up deal (Link) which has helped both myself and players grow quicker last year. For now, it still counts but I'm unsure if I will do the same in 2021.

These are the results just from completing the daily quests playing ~20 minutes daily in December. I again deliberately stuck in lower leagues getting fewer rewards but making it a lot less frustrating and faster to complete the quests.


Based on the card values the day they were earned and the current 0.00095$ DEC Value, completing the daily quests each day earned around ~39.689$ or an average of 1.28$ a day.

December Reward Cards


The current value of all reward cards I got from the Loot Chests added up to 11.37$ which was quite a drop compared to last month where it was around 18$. You need some luck to get good cards. The best I ever got last year was a Golden Legendary which now goes for 110$.

December Untamed Pack Card Rewards

Plenty of packs last month adding up to 15 to open which was 10 more compared to last month. The Leaderboard Rankings rewards certainly helped.


The value of the cards from the packs added up to 9.463$ which is only around 35%-40% of what it would cost if I would have bought those packs.


December Tournament Earnings

I started to enter some tournaments in December as they provide another nice way to earn from your card collection which roughly earned me 4500 DEC. I'm quite mixed on tournaments as I like the general anytime format and they certainly bring a challenge showing I can potentially play better. At the same time, it just feels like the same pay2win bullshit the game has turned into where winner is in most matches purely based on who has the bigger card collection minimizing the actual skill needed to play the game. Especially the Yodin summoner (which costs 33$ for a single card or 200$ for a level 3 which is needed) is ridiculously overpowered.

December DEC Earnings

My overall DEC earnings added up to 34186 DEC and it was a small increase compared to last month. The value of 1000 DEC went up from 0.00067$ tp 0.00095$ at the moment. I do expect this to drop again though since more DEC is being printed which will go out to liquidity providers on Uniswap who are now the ones buying up DEC since yield is very high. Once this settles down, the selling pressure will probably increase unless a lot of new players come in.


All combined at the current DEC price of 0.00095$ it adds up to 32.48$ in DEC earnings!

December Affiliate Earnings

I have been going at it for an entire year promoting the game (always in an honest way) trying to onboard new players offering a Sign-Up Deal to everyone that is using my Referral Link for as far as I know is the most favorable to sign up with for new players. This resulted in 231 sing-ups from which 64 also got the summoner's spellbook and many of them continuing to play. This certainly helped me to grow as I re-invested the affiliate earnings to get more cards I could lease out to new affiliates.

Affiliate Promotion Cards

The Splinterlands team continues to run a promotion where everyone who signs up using a referral link will receive 1 random card from the @sl-giveaways account when they buy the 10$ summoner's spellbook. The account from which the referral link was used also receives 1 random card. I had 4 sign-ups that also got the Summoner's Spellbook last month so I received 5 cards.



December Splinterlands Blogging Earnings

I had a harder time keeping up the blogging routine last month and only made 6 posts joining the Share Your Battle Challenge & Social Media Challenge. Special thanks to everyone that showed some support liking and upvoting my content! These were the post and the earnings on Hive/Publish0x/Splintertalk


I continue to power 100% of the SPT I'm earnings (See Closer Look Into SPT) on the Splintertalk.io platform and I'm leasing it all out to the @monster-curator initiative getting 100% of the curation rewards (See Calculated Returns). Right now Supply is bigger compared to demand which makes the price really low. I do anticipate this to change with SPT being implemented into the game at some point. I continue to buy SPT and am nearly at 1 Million right now while total supply is around 70 Million.


All Blogging earnings combined added up to 24.96$ (this is the net amount after subtracting curation rewards and such)

December Monstermarket Cashback

Buying cards on Monstermarket.io gives 3% cashback instantly paid out in DEC. Since I'm using the Affiliate earnings to buy some extra cards it adds to the total. In December this added up to 1.39$


All numbers are based on current minimum values in case I would sell everything I right now have from last month's earnings in terms of HIVE / SPT / Cards / DEC / Credits / ...






Previous Months

November Splinterlands Earnings | +115.32$
October Splinterlands Earnings | +98.60$
September Splinterlands Earnings | +92.13$
August Splinterlands Earnings | +138.59$
July Splinterlands Earnings | +112.81$
June Splinterlands Earnings | +105.774$
May Splinterlands Earnings | +180.384$
April Splinterlands Earnings | +133.927$
March Splinterlands Earnings | +76.153$
February Splinterlands Earnings | +105.25$
January Splinterlands Earnings | +136.44$


If you want to try out Splinterlands for free and use my Referral Link you will get a great head start in case you end up getting the 10$ Summoner's Spellbook which unlocks rewards and so much more as I will lease a whole bunch of extra cards to you getting your collection score to around 5000 instantly (See Full Promo Sign-Up Deal).

Here is a short Gameplay Tutorial for those who are looking to test the game for themselves...

Important: Treat games in the first place as games and not as investment opportunities, Splinterlands allows you to earn some money and get good returns but you are generally much better off flipping burgers in Mcdonalds when looking at the money earned for the time invested. It also comes with a risk of card values going down.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/costanzabets

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