Splinterlands Speculations: The new DRAGON Chaos Legion Teasers

By Timmytushoes | CasualCrypto | 28 Nov 2021


So this AMA, 11/26 at 2 PM EST, we've seen not 2 splinters, but THREE. Life, Neutral, and Dragon!!!

After Neutral, DRAGON are the cards you're going to want to get to know, they're rare, expensive, but very powerful! Dragon is one of my favorite Splinters, but I lack the funds to really make my Dragon teams pop, so Dragon functions more as a secondary set of Neutrals for me, to augment my playstyle.

Quix the Devious




Quix the Devious is one of the first Dragon cards, a Legendary card, this could very well be a Summoner, but I believe it is likely to be a monster.

I think Quix the Devious is going to be a Sneak or Opportunity Attacker, and I believe he will almost definitely have Evasion and/or Swiftness. I think we're looking at a 5 Mana, 2 Melee Sneak Attacker, with maybe 5 Health and 3-4 Speed. Perhaps, since he's a legendary, he'll also get a more powerful ability like PoisonCripple, or Double Strike.

I really dig the card, and I am hopeful I can get what looks like a powerful Opportunity/Sneak Attacker, especially to augment my Water Melee team, if the Water summoner ends up being +1 Melee.

Desert Dragon




This might actually be my favorite Dragon, he appears to be a large red dragon, with torn wings, and arrows notched into his head. I'm guessing he will be a powerful anti-melee/range Tank for Dragons, and I'm guessing he will be expensive, maybe 9 Mana? I'm expecting something like 10 Health, 3 Melee (or 2 Magic) and 2 Speed. Moreover, I think his abilities will be very defensive focused, with something like Shield or Return Fire to show his resistance to ranged damage, I believe he will also eventually gain Blast, and maybe something like Slow or Rust, as he is a dragon from the Desert, and probably generates crippling heat.

All in all, super excited for him, I believe his role will largely be focused on countering Ranged attackers.

Zyvax Vull




Zyvax Vull is a much harder card to speculate on. He appears to be a Gargoya, but looks corrupted/covered in runes, and more importantly, not stone like Gargoya Lion and Gargoya Devil... Still, with these runes all over his body, and his gargoyle like appearance, I'm going to assume there's a relationship there!

As such, I am guessing he will cost 8 Mana, have Flying, and be 7 Health, 2 Armor, 3 Speed, and maybe 2 Melee? This sounds underwhelming, I know. That's because I'm speculating on abilities here: I think this guy will have Amplify at some point, as some sort of conduit for magical power, also if there is a Magic version of Inspire, this guy will likely get it... As for other abilities to speculate on, I'm guessing he could have VoidVoid Armor, or Silence, something that makes him a vessel to unload magic on.

Are you excited for these Deadly Chaos Legion additions? Which one is your favorite Dragon? Let me know in the comments!

Also, if you have ideas of different abilities or stat spreads please throw them in the comments as well!

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