Sodium and Recovery

Sodium and Recovery

By savagezen | Carnivore Jiujitero | 23 Apr 2020

This is an archived self study I did in June / July of 2019.  Though, not specifically carnivore related, it is still relevant to the biohacking and open science I adamantly support.

The following conclusions were drawn from the raw data (see Google Sheet).

Sodium Intake:

...was shown as estimates only, taken from my daily meal plan which remains 90% consistent day-to-day, and 80% consistent on the weekends. In the future a nutrient tracking app could be used for more accurate measurements.

Blood Pressure:

...was not taken daily, this would be ideal and give more accurate results as well. For convenience, blood pressure was taken at approximately two week intervals and indicated in the raw data with bold font. MAP was used to consider differences in both systolic and diastolic pressure.

Baseline AWQ (athletic wellness):

...was estimated based on a two day average that was the motivation for this experiment. The averaged values were applied to the entire control week, though improved control would include daily samples for the control week.

Body Weight:

...was only taken at the intervals entered in bold font. Additional columns were filled to calculate statistics.


There is the potential that "normal adaptation" occurred with regard to AWQ scores (in particular soreness and fatigue). However, this would suggest that as adaptation (to training volume / intensity) occurs, sleep quality improves; which seems illogical. Similarly, though a stronger case may be made for, the correlated decrease in RHR being caused by physical adaptation.


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Carnivore Jiujitero
Carnivore Jiujitero

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