Do Athletes Need Drugs?

By savagezen | Carnivore Jiujitero | 21 Jun 2020

Notes and References:

  • Recovery Matrix / Economy, Climbstrong Newsletter, June 2018
  • Adaptation periods for changes in physical stress (and corresponding increase in blood volume) can range from 2 - 6 weeks (rrr)
  • However, this can vary depending on the intensity of the change; e.g. 40-50% over 8 weeks, or 6 sessions over two weeks (rr) – this is drastically different than my identified 100% increase in two weeks.
  • I also found a great resource regarding neuromuscular adaptation
  • Paul Saladino on The Ben Greenfield Podcast regarding “unancestrally” over active athletes.
  • PED use is more prevalent than Type 1 diabetes or HIV, though interestingly not most common with athletes (regulatory bodies?), but with weight lifters (r)
  • Another study found an 8.2% prevelance rate of PEDs in fitness centers (again, non-competitive athletes) while noting that stimulants (presumably for weight loss) were more common than anabolic steroids – hence my broad definition to include all supplements and caffeine (r)
  • Yet another study with bodybuilders found that 52% of bodybuilders user PEDs, and 47% use stimulants to increase performance during training (r)
  • Even 5% of high school athletes are using steroids or HGH (r)
  • 35% of all athletes use PEDs (r)
  • A study of track / field athletes eluded to my point that prescriptions, NSAIDs, supplements, and other “benign” pharmaceutical aids (not banned PEDs) are extremely common among athletes, and more so the older the athlete is (r) – maybe their diets still suck.

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Carnivore Jiujitero

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