In general, there is no difference between a simple paper and a note. But the value of a note can range from 2 rupees to 3 rupees - because there is a government behind it, a bank, and no authority. They sit down and decide how much a note will cost.

Like Bitcoin, Earn Dogecoin Now!

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Bitcoin is not a metallic currency, but it is common in some countries around the world that these cryptographic coins are untouchable and free. Like the conventional currency, it is being used for payment purposes. But there is no such thing as real...

Cryptocurrency lawful in mosques in the UK: Bitcoin calls for zakat

9 Sep 2019 1 minute read 0 comments raihan97

A mosque in east London, UK, has declared cryptocurrency lawful and has said it will accept virtual currency like Bitcoin as Zakat throughout the month of Ramadan. Also known as the 'Lane Mosque'. Zaid Al-Khair, an official of the mosque, said that n...

Brave Browser + Basic Attention Token (BAT) = Thousands of dollars?

8 Sep 2019 2 minute read 2 comments raihan97

You may have noticed some recent news from Internet giants like Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc. They have all decided that they will not be able to advertise on crypto on their own platform anymore. The motive is also great. Numerous fake ICOs have b...

Beginning of the Dogecoin! Why buy a Dogecoin?

8 Sep 2019 1 minute read 2 comments raihan97

Dogecoin is a new, fast-growing and very interesting digital currency system of the sha 256-bit algorithm. In addition to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, etc., Dogecoin is a very popular cryptocurrency. This helps customers make low-cost, faster online tr...

Why take the cryptocurrency as a client payment? The workplace will work, Bitcoin comes in the air

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A client wants to pay me with bitcoin, whether or not to take, how to take it? This question currently appears in many workplace Facebook groups. Whoever says, who doesn't say no, who in our country invites me to say this ban again, but there is no l...

Bitcoin earnings mystery or strategy

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Bitcoin is the best way to work or earn income. Find out how Bitcoin earnings are a mystery. Where your income will increase greatly.Strategy to work on the Bitcoin site:1. Opening a Bitcoin wallet or address is not as difficult. You open an account...

Opera browser will soon offer cryptocurrency on Android

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The popularity of virtual currency cryptocurrencies is rising steadily from global money. Many companies have launched their own cryptocurrency services. And now the popular web browser named after cryptocurrency is Opera. According to The Verge, Ope...

Bitcoin currency trading advises economists to be cautious

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The Bitcoin currency has come under discussion recently as the value of the currency has gone up by record volume. As a result, many are turning to buy Bitcoin. However, many experts are warning about this. What kind of coins is Bitcoin? It is often...

Bitcoin: The currency that is out of reach

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There are some people who believe in the mantra of "I will not take a job or give a job." My friend Taki is one of them. She is working in solitude to do something as an entrepreneur. Therefore, even before the start of trading with Bitcoin worldwide...

Make DogCoin In Free

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Dogicoin is a crypto currency similar to Bitcoin. Those who have ideas about Bitcoin will easily understand what Dogicoin is.Dogicoin is peer-to-peer transactions like Bitcoin. It began its journey on December 7, 20.Since then it has been transacting...