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By raihan97 | btcmaker24 | 6 Sep 2019

Dogicoin is a crypto currency similar to Bitcoin. Those who have ideas about Bitcoin will easily understand what Dogicoin is.
Dogicoin is peer-to-peer transactions like Bitcoin. It began its journey on December 7, 20.
Since then it has been transacting like other cryptocurrencies.

How to Make Dogicone You can get 0.20 Dogicone by paying the captcha per hour. Don't miss the 0.20 Dogicone. Because prices like Bitcoin and Dogicoin once were lower ..

When I work in Dogicoin, I get 5 Dogicoin every hour. Now, Dogicoin pays less because of price increases. The higher the price, the less you pay.

What does Dogcoin Need to Earn?

You will need to open a DOGECHAIN account to earn dogcoins. Those who do not have an account can open the account from here.

How to open a Dogicoin Wallet

After you register at Dogichen, you will be given a Wallet ID. This is the wallet ID but not your wallet address. You can take this as a UserName. You write it down on your notepad. Or copy and save it somewhere. This is required to login. If you lose it all will be in vain. So be sure to carefully save your wallet address with the car

How to earn Dogikoin?

Take your Dogicoin address into your dogchain wallet. After that, start earning Dogikoin by going to the Dogicoin giving sites. Although the price of Dogicoin is currently low, does it guarantee that it will not increase in the future? Maybe a little income in the future will turn into wealth.

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