Why take the cryptocurrency as a client payment? The workplace will work, Bitcoin comes in the air

By raihan97 | btcmaker24 | 7 Sep 2019

A client wants to pay me with bitcoin, whether or not to take, how to take it?

This question currently appears in many workplace Facebook groups. Whoever says, who doesn't say no, who in our country invites me to say this ban again, but there is no logical answer. So I thought I would give an answer from my side.
At present, clients like Upwork, Fever, Freelancer.com and other freelancing websites prefer to pay cryptocurrency (Bitcoin / Ethereum) instead of dollars. Because? All the same, everyone wants to avoid the hassle of a bank, international fund transfer.
Cryptocurrency is still illegal in Bangladesh. However, I think the government will soon legalize it. Because this is the era at the forefront, you can't get bogged down with blockchain technology.

Now let's answer the first question, will I take or not?

How you take your hard-earned money is entirely your personal matter. All in all, we all love this cash dollar. Because it's so easily interchangeable. But if the client wants to give you an equal amount of cryptocurrency in exchange for a dollar or a running paper currency, there are a few things you should consider first. What are those aspects -
১. Decide first, do you need to invest in Immediate?
2. Even if you don't have the money for the Immediate, will you keep your earned money as money or with the bank?
৩. Do you deal with that currency anywhere in the country? Whether it's within 6 weeks or 6 months.
If the above 5 answers are yes, then my recommendation is that you do not take the cryptocurrency from the client. So reading the following will be just a waste of time for you.
Since you are still reading, you do not agree with the auction statement above.
Since cryptocurrency is still illegal in Bangladesh, converting it to Bengali money is a hassle. The problem is that you have to find a third party that will pay you for cryptocurrency instead. Two things are more in this case -
১. You will find cryptocurrency prices much lower than the market value.
2. Since it is illegal in the country, there will be many people who do not have any trustworthy platform to deal with, the result is your money.
There is another way to convert Bangla into money, which is to convert cryptocurrency into dollars and convert it back into money. So whatever it is, it is nothing. To take dollars directly from thousands of good clients.
So the question may arise, why this blog post?
This blog post is for those who are willing to pay so much trouble and want cryptocurrency as payment and know the consequences of taking it.
The cryptocurrency market is still new and changing very fast as well. The variable is such a variable that you saw the price of Bitcoin 1 hour ago 5 hours ago.
Coin MarketCap is a popular website that can get all the news from the price chart of all other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

If such a changing market, then why nibo cryptocurrency?

Brother, this is really fun. This is where you can actually turn the wheel of luck. How? Before that, let's see if some cryptocurrencies should be purchased or taken as payment or can be kept safe.
১. Bitcoin (BTC) - Most Safe And Must Buy / Buy It and all other cryptocurrency payments other than Ethereum are foolish. The reason is below.
2. Ethereum (ETH) - This is the largest cryptocurrency in the world of crypto after bitcoin. A Russian youth named Vitalik Buterin, only 5 years old, developed the coin.
Except for the above 2 coins, all other coins are taken as payment. I am not the most bitcoin. So I am talking about why Bitcoin is the most beneficial.

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