Brave Browser + Basic Attention Token (BAT) = Thousands of dollars?

By raihan97 | btcmaker24 | 8 Sep 2019

You may have noticed some recent news from Internet giants like Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc. They have all decided that they will not be able to advertise on crypto on their own platform anymore. The motive is also great. Numerous fake ICOs have been hoarded with money. Nowadays anyone can launch an ICO in the Ethereum blockchain and collect money. In this situation, it is a laborious and time-consuming task to verify who is real and who is fake. So for the safety of the common people, Facebook, Google's decision is right.

But is that their only goal? Or is the fear behind the decision of these tech giants to some extent? Sure, it sounds funny. However, there is no way to say for sure that there is a far-reaching threat.
How does Facebook, Google, YouTube do business?
As you may know, even then - Facebook or Google's main business is advertising. Different companies advertise on their platforms. Facebook or Google shows the ads to their website visitors and in return, they charge a large sum of money. The profit here is all about Facebook or Google. Let's see how you, as a publisher, advertiser or general user, are suffering -

About 5% of your mobile data is spent watching various ads or sending data to trackers that you never actually wanted.
Add-ons make your browsing slower and your phone's battery is consumed significantly.
If you are a content publisher that means you have blogs, sites or youtube channels, etc., you will get 5% of all the ads you show there but in the pocket of Google or Facebook!
About 1 million users use Ad Blocker and you suffer from being a content publisher.
If you are an advertiser, it is certain that you do not have a way to reach 100% of your target customers.
Google or Facebook is deducting a large amount of money out of your pocket, but your profit is much less than that. So what is the solution to this problem? One solution to this could be the Basic Attention Token and Brave ecosystem!
What is a Basic Attention Token (BAT)?
Basic Attention Token Basic Attention Token For the past two years, the Basic Attention Token has demanded some additional extensions, although the basic Attention Token is somewhat. The first reason is the BAT team. The creators of Javascript, like the co-founders of Mozilla-Firefox, have a lot of bugs. BAT aims to bring about a radical change or improvement in the digital advertising industry. In this ecosystem, the wheels of advertising will rotate, leaving the interests of advertisers, advertising distributors or creators and users all intact. And the BAT token will be the medium of transaction.

But promising ICOs are talking but we have seen quite a few of them before. Where is the difference with the bat? There are differences. And that is, the bat is already a viable product in the market. That product is a Brave web browser.

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