Bitcoin: The currency that is out of reach

By raihan97 | btcmaker24 | 7 Sep 2019

There are some people who believe in the mantra of "I will not take a job or give a job." My friend Taki is one of them. She is working in solitude to do something as an entrepreneur.

Therefore, even before the start of trading with Bitcoin worldwide, he was very keen to do something with Bitcoin. But after studying a little bit about bitcoin, he was quite upset! There is no end to the debate, criticism, and debate about Bitcoin! So, he began to move in step. At first, he wanted to understand what Bitcoin really is?

He found that the unique feature of Bitcoin is that the coin is not printed on paper, nor is it coined with gold, silver or copper. In fact, bitcoin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency that can be traded online only. Bitcoin is even more unique.
No state is the controlling authority of Bitcoin, as a result, there is no recognized body for controlling Bitcoin. That means when, how many bitcoins will be made, where are the existing bitcoins in the market or there is no one to look at the bitcoin fraud.

After getting an initial idea about Bitcoin, Takir seemed to know exactly how to exchange Bitcoin, before even starting to sell Bitcoin!
Bitcoin exchange method:
Bitcoin is often called the world's first cryptocurrency. Like Bitcoin, cryptocurrency is exchanged through the "peer to peer" network of computers. The main purpose of this network is to share data. This data can be of any type. For example, movies, songs, documents etc.

Taki started to feel a bit hesitant then. Is it possible to duplicate digital data, then is it possible to fake Bitcoin? But Takir's anxiety did not last long. Even after Bitcoin is a digital currency, anyone can fake and create fake Bitcoin without fraud.

The main reason is that bitcoin, like a video or audio file, cannot be duplicated at all. Admittedly Bitcoin is an entry in a huge global database called Blockchain. Blockchain accounts for all Bitcoin exchanges. So far, the blockchain has accumulated 1.5 MB data.

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In general, there is no difference between a simple paper and a note. But the value of a note can range from 2 rupees to 3 rupees - because there is a government behind it, a bank, and no authority. They sit down and decide how much a note will cost.

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