DER CARDANO Effect: Cross Chain Communications & SC Managed Power Project Funding & Returns
DER Caradfano Effect: A Good thing for Distributed Power Resource Staked funding and dividend payout

DER CARDANO Effect: Cross Chain Communications & SC Managed Power Project Funding & Returns

No this is not a German language mistake. ;)

#DER = "Distributed Energy Resource", the tech on which I work during one of my three contracted  daytime efforts.

DER IEC Model courtesy

#CARDANO Strikes Again!: "Internet of Blockchains" Reloaded

Charles Hoskinson's "CH" latest proposal " Cross Chain Communications" to create the IoB "Internet of Blockchains", where all cryptocurrencies can leverage what #CARDANO  capabilities (especially Staking and SCs @ scale) prompted this TK post. He has proposed such an idea to #LTC 's Charlie Lee, which seems to be progressing.

Is BH the ONE?- For DER related crypto SC controlled & micro investor, multi crypto staked projects?

    TK thinks the answer is likely,  Yes.

Personally I have been hunting around for the 'right' IoB tech to bridge my DER IoT IOTA edge (and in future SC WASP controlled inter-action and settlement with both a multi-crypto capable SC and incoming buyers of power ) across a number of projects which included #HYPERLEDGER, #Ethereum and more recently #Cosmos and #Chainlink. 

None of the above 'oracle/integrated'  could address the common use case I needed for project funding and a staked settlement of  "micro-interests" in the DER project needed in order to pay a dividend on a portion of the project back to the project micro-interest holder, regardless of what crypto-currency they staked against the DER project to "make it happen", that is, 

   until  IOHK's  BH post on IoB.

Now the above use case is possible in theory, time to get that PoC going with LTC.


Time for TK to get to work and mix the IoB Potion for DER...

DER CARDANO Effect on Staked Power Project Settlement and Payout: WIP for #TK and hopefully #Fintechianados

The big challenge for my project is nudging my IoT partner  #IOTA and #IOHK together to help create the necessary PoC to prove it will all hang together. (Priorities, Priorities, given power is the biggest Capital intense market in the world, hopefully I get more than chin music as attention. ;) )

WRR Systems Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved.

 DER Project: WRR Systems Micro Power Station + Micro DC/colo. 


I have an emerging combination remote/offgrid/edge of grid, Micro Data Center + Energy Storage + Renewable Charging Systems designed, where I would like to apply such PoC to see if it will work. It's a Micro Power Station, charging a gridscale battery to power a container  Micro Data Center uDC (8, 12, 20 ft, take your pick) to last at least 36 hours without Wind Charging and optional grid connect for charging, or backup ICE generation for charging. When the uDC is quiet on the power front, excess power in the battery can be sold to grid or the local micro grid.

There is really no risk to the "staker" of say #Cardano and #LTC  (the first  PoC proposed) and also #IOTA.

The 3rd party cryptocurrency  Stake is protected by #Cardano's variation of PoS in a wrapper controlled by a #Cardano SC written in Haskell.

The IOTA IoT portion of the DER project interacts with the Power Authority and tenants of the uDC  to "settle" in IOTA by effectively purchasing the power in IOTA from the DER owner using IOTA's WASP Node handling their IoT centric SCs.

More interestingly, as this "cross-chain communications" proposal of IOHK by BH for Cardano and LTC will lead to a successful PoC likely being replicated by virtually any cryptocurrency, it means for the DER project, anyone, no matter how small, can stake for the duration of the project (to activation) then, decide to either exit with a return or, continue  collecting a DER CARDANO Wrapped SC generated dividend for as long as they are staked, with the dividend being sent to the 3rd party crypto wallet from which they staked to the DER in the first place. the DER can have multiple   SCs paying out crypto to different investors using different cryptos for the SC advertised useful life of the DER.

The DER project contract has multiple revenue streams, one from the power authority, the other from a consolidated set of inbound payments for use of power and facility in the uDC colo , (also IOTA) which accumulate to the Staked SC of the DER and are paid out by what ever payout frequency the staker select from the SC payout logic (a form typical, which can be change every payout epoch)

Make sense?

(TK ask - Let me know what you think in the comments section below.)

I think so and worth a deeper dive on my part and a couple of personal nudges in the direction of both BH @ IOHK and the Iota Foundation to get these two parties together to see if we can't do something together. (Something I have already started today with IOTA & their SC #WASP lead Eric Hop)

Exciting times,

TK over and out...






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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012
Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

This blog is where I post about break thru "non-subsidized" Green Tech anything that helps.. like our new WRRhead four rotor tech (formerly TWIND Power 2 rotor tech) at, and occasionally I talk "BESS" Battery Energy Storage Systems which actually make wind and solar better options when the kWhr costs in below US $125.00 (Zinc Air based BESS VIZN, Zinc8, NantEnergy) with 20 year lifespan, lots of re-charge cycles w/ deep cycle draw ;)

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