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Launched in 2015, IOTA (MIOTA) is a unique project that differentiates itself from the other major cryptocurrency projects by virtue of its Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT), called the Tangle, which is based on a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG). The IOTA Foundation, which spearheads decision making for the project, was established by Dominik Schiener and David Sønstebø, and is headquartered in Germany. 

IOTA is a project that has received a lot of attention for its unique Tangle technology, which, while a Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT, is not the same as the technology used by BitcoinEthereum and many other cryptocurrency projects . The MIOTA token has received much coverage because of this technology, which the team claims will work faster as more transactions are tacked on to the Tangle.

IOTA’s primary focus is on the Internet of Things, which the purported advantages of Tangle would be ideally suited to, considering that the number of devices in the world is expected to top 50 billion by 2025. One part to IOTA’s vision is to link different technologies, and this may be possible with the ever-accelerating processing speeds of IOTA’s technology. The team has already established multiple partnerships with notable entities in different industries, entities that seek to leverage the power of the Internet of Things to boost their business. One example of this is Volkswagen and Jaguar Land Rover.

The project most recently announced the death of its coordinator on the network, a necessary element that ensured that the network was operating according to plans. However, being centralized, the coordinator requires removal, so one of the next upcoming developments for the team is to remove the coordinator.

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honeycombOS: An IOTA Embedded Linux Distribution

15 hours ago 2 minute read rhyzom $1.83 tipped

honeycombOS is an embedded Linux distro designed for IOTA nodes, clients and tangle-related tools (and supported by the IOTA ecosystem development fund). Based on Yocto's reference distro Poky and built using OpenEmbedded's build framework and cross-...

Rate Payer Bonanza from Wind Power Profits?: A Crypto Managed 'New Green Deal' Says "YES"

5 days ago 14 minute read thunderboltkid $4.77 tipped

First this is NOT the Green New Deal "GND" a la US Dems, It's the Crypto Managed NEW GREEN DEAL "NGD" Meaning: OUT with the old green deal business frameworks favouring a few people, including the vendors and wind farm owners, people renting their pr...

IOTA's Jinn: General-Purpose Ternary Microprocessor for Large-Scale Distributed Computing (Infrastructure of the Future IoT Landscape)

1 week ago 4 minute read rhyzom $4.02 tipped

Integral to IOTA's enterprise is a ternary microprocessor for large scale distributed computing called Jinn. Most digital technology today operates on binary logic circuitry, zeroes and ones (on/off), while IOTA aims to introduce a balanced ternary t...

Top 5 IOTA Partnerships in 2019

1 week ago 2 minute read savanluffy $3.17 tipped

IOTA's 2019 year was like a rollercoaster. Publishing Trinity, announced Coordicide which pushed the price up to 50 cents and dropped to 20 cents till the end of the year. But no matter of the ups and downs, IOTA ignored the price action and focused...

What is Deposy?

3 weeks ago 3 minute read 00Schneider $0.14 tipped

Deposy is an innovative deposit system and a new way of dealing with waste. State-of-the-art technology enables more effective environmental and climate protection. The Deposy System is socially acceptable in global operations as well as on a small s...

Land Registry and Frontier Technologies

3 weeks ago 7 minute read Cesarserrano $0.10 tipped

  1 Land Registry and technology According to the attributes of Blockchain decentralised, distributed and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be altered retroactively without the a...

The Tangle: The Technology behind IOTA

3 weeks ago 1 minute read savanluffy $3.48 tipped

As you may already know, IOTA does not a use the blockchain technology but rather a socalled "The Tangle". But why did IOTA decide to take advantage of another distributed ledger technology instead of the blockchain? Limits of Blockchain Vitalik Bute...

IOTA With Bitcoin Pair Has Formed Bullish BAT And Completed The Bullish Setup For Upto 44% Move

3 weeks ago 1 minute read moon333 $0.31 tipped

Priceline of World's 23th ranked cryptocurrency out of more than 2300 cryptocurrencies IOTA (MIOTA) with Bitcoin pair has formed bullish BAT pattern and entered in potential reversal zone. This PRZ area should be used as stop loss in case of complete...

What is IOTA? — 'Kingpin of IoT' — Beginner's Guide

3 weeks ago 5 minute read cryptomagis $4.94 tipped

IOTA was introduced in July 2016 as a cryptocurrency for managing 'Internet of Things' (IoT) devices in a completely decentralized way. The premise behind the coin was to create a system which would be entirely free (unlike Bitcoin which encourages t...

IOTA RoadMap 2020: A "To the Moon Buy?" Deep Dive Critique

4 weeks ago 16 minute read thunderboltkid $5.25 tipped

Ok, the crypto space is well known for whitepapers (Many vacuous, most lacking any meaningful business linked detail, where even more of them are just vague (fluffy/pie in the sky stuff- wtf )). What is really annoying to most of us in the crypto spa...