Quick Tip: How to Maximize Views for Your Articles on Publish0x -- Using Telegram's Scheduled Messages Feature

Blogging is fun!

But blogging can also be frustrating -- if  hardly anybody reads what you write. So, in this article I will help you to maximize your views -- which will lead to more likes, tips and followers -- assuming you write good-quality articles. 😉 


When you publish a blog post

Publish0x promotes it in the "new" section.

Everybody who scans the "new" section will see it at the top of the page increasing the chances for clicks, likes and tips. However, after a while your post is replaced by newer posts. It drops towards the end of the page and eventually will be located on some random page -- where it hardly gets any views any more. 

Is there a way to slow that process down?

Yes, there is! What slows this process down is getting views, tips, likes and comments. The more, the besser. Therefore, one viable option to maximize your views is to promote your article as much as possible. There are many ways to promote your articles. One of the easiest and most effective are other social media channels: For instance Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Telegram groups.

Did you know there is an official Publish0x Telegram group?

And that you are allowed to promote your articles there? However, there is a catch: You are allowed to do it only once per article -- you will get into trouble if you disregard that rule. 

Therefore, you can opt to promote your article right away in that Telegram group hoping that this promotion will generate views that will in turn slow down the eventual decline of your article in the "new" section. Or you could go a different way:   

A second worthwhile option to maximize exposure and possibly also tips, likes and generate new followers is to

promote the article at a strategically clever time

in the official Telegram group. A time when you expect that the promotion would be most effective -- having the greatest impact on boosting your exposure. The key is to

optimize your promotion for exposure in different time zones.

For instance, you might want to publish your article targeting the European time zones and wait with the Telegram promotion for a time that is suited for the US time zones.

Does that actually work?

In my case, it has recently worked pretty well. I published an article around 9 am central European time. I got pretty decent engagement and stayed relatively high up in the "new" section. But by the end of the day, the views declined significantly. Luckily, I had my promotion in the Telegram ready to go and around the time the US gets off work, my promotional message was recently sent. That generated a second wave of views.

Will this always work?

Of course not... But you can try anyway, right?   

However, this strategical promotion can be

quite cumbersome.

You have to wait for what you think is the perfect time. And if you write articles frequently, you might forget which article you already promoted in the Telegram group and which you still need to promote. This could lead to accidentally double-promoting -- and that would lead to problems. 


there is a technical solution:

You can use Telegram's scheduled message feature right after writing the post. Here is how to do it:

  • Publish your article.
  • Write your Telegram promotion for the article.
  • Instead of sending the message right away, right click the send button if you are on a computer or tap and hold it if you are on a smartphone.
  • A context menu will present you with the option to send the message at a specific time.
  • Select a strategically beneficial time for your promotion.
  • Telegram does the rest. No need to keep it in mind or to write it into your calendar, no double-posting -- and you get maximum exposure from different time zones which will hopefully result in increased views, tips and likes.  

There you go. Now you know how to never forget to promote your Publish0x posts in the official Telegram group -- or any other Telegram group for that matter. And you won't get into trouble for double-posting. I hope you found that little tutorial helpful -- or at least entertaining.

This is how it looks like on a computer:


And that's what it looks like on a smartphone:



By the way: If you're looking for more tips, fellow author TheKragle has written a really nice article about how to make your Publish0x article go trending.  And guess what happened? -- His article went trending. (So judging by that fact, he knows what he is writing about -- and you might benefit from reading his article as well.) And consider following me. I have two more articles lined up -- one about the best measure of success for a Publish0x article -- and the second one on how to increase that measure of success. So stay tuned!


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