American ingenuity, innovation, and spirit will get us through this crisis.  Technology, Science, and Math will excel the New America.  Because we believe in the freedoms fought for and the sacrifices made.  The heroes of this Global war on a disease will be the "Essential Workers" and the government that rises from the destruction of our entire financial system, rapid deterioration of social fabric, and seemingly inevitable unrest - GLOBALLY.  

While the governments of the World are requesting everyone quarantine themselves, there are a small group of people helping our nations crawl.  They provide heat, electricity, food, shelter, healthcare, and safety.  With over 21 million people out of work in the US, and the fear of a invisible deadly virus in our thoughts; we show up at work and literally put our lives on the line.  What if a co-worker is asymptomatic? Did I wash my hands enough?  Am I wearing a mask properly? 

The stress of working during this pandemic adds to jobs that often require a great deal of patience and understanding.  Anyone dealing with the public and the constant flow of people into and out of their workday, has a tough normal day.  During this crisis, these people are heroes as well as saints.   The healthcare industry is dealing with an often overburdened staff, reduced in numbers by a virus that thrives in closed quarters.  Public Employees doing their job as they mourn the loss of honorable men and women.  Essential Services and manufacturing struggling to meet a supply/demand crisis.  None of these "Essential Employees" have the luxury of working from home, nor can they stay home.   Everyday jobs have become a necessity for the greater good.   

Listening to the governor talk about essential workers, it showed that he realizes the immense difficulty of all essential employees who go to work every day. But some of are representatives didn't react the same way. Looking out for only number one, these selfish people turned tens of millions of dollars into hundreds of millions of dollars by profiting off the virus instead of warning the people they would later count on to keep the country going. They deserve to go to jail. They're actions while holding an office; that requires honour, strength, dignity, were beyond abhorrent. They are sworn into office to represent the best interests of the country, not themselves. Do the right thing and resign, you should be outcast from society.

Why did our government just bail out businesses again? Think about that. The government bailed out big business because of the money they give to politicians? HorseHooey. Politicians are public servants, not company lackeys. The average person pays more in taxes in a lifetime than any BS political contribution. Which one benefits the country? If a company has to pay for a law, it's probably not beneficial to the masses.  Companies don't win the voters loyalty, and we won't vote for you shady ass politicians anymore. Stand up and be a man, for the love of God and our country.


Hazard Pay - We are referred to as soldiers in a war.  Technically, we were voluntarily drafted into this war.  Some have lost their lives battling an invisible enemy. If we were huddled in our houses while soldiers fought right outside, they would be given honor and financial compensation.

LEARN. Way to get protected is to be educated.

Employees are treated like an enemy in some businesses.  All of the employees are providing a service with the endgame being financial gain for the company.  The best companies know the value they have invested in the machine that is their labor force.  They listen to their employees feedback.  Artfully tuning out the noise of problems and complaints with no solution.  Intellectually superior in realizing the value of employees who really care and know their jobs.  Service within any company correlates to mastery and expertise. Their best employees will offer solutions, or be helpful in finding one.  Yet very few companies realize or compensate workers in relation to the value they add long term.

Great businesses are built during economic downturn. People only use products that are a necessity.  I believe consumers will become very hard to please.  Rising inflation will cause a lot of belt tightening.  Wasteful and impulsive spending will be unacceptable.  Corporation 2.0 will survive best by giving back to its employees and its customers.  The best companies know that their workforce is their biggest asset.  When they treat their people like an asset, everyone wins.  

The Federal government won't fix the health crisis, they're focused on the financial crash and bailing out big business - again.  All they can do is print money.  You can be sure we will be paying the bill for those bailouts.  No, it's not politicians that can pull us back from this shit show. It wont be the corporations either, laughing all the way to the bank.  The innovators will undertake the arduous task of founding the next gen.  They will be the heroes fixing a broken and antiquated system.  Next Generation isn't 5G, its blockchain.  The governments know it, but they fear it because they cant control it.  The wealthy and powerful face losing the ultimate power over people - Money.  Revolution is coming. 

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Blockchain is my business

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