A Rant About BCH BSV and the Actual Bitcoin

A Rant About BCH BSV and the Actual Bitcoin

By BitcoinGordon | BitcoinGordon | 19 May 2020

I originally posted this here

On this post, however, I am going to provide an overview of the original article.


In the original post, I make the point that the hardfork of Bitcoin Cash led to the hardfork of Bitcoin SV, or Satoshi's Vision, a hash war to earn the title of Bitcoin Cash, all in an effort to move further away from the original Bitcoin. That is fine; everyone has a (W)right to go try their own coin project and test the economic and technical model. It is a different thing, however, if that new coin project... even worse 2 coin projects, are all using the logo and even the naming of the original Bitcoin, claiming, even more pretending, to be the 'real' Bitcoin, the better Bitcoin, the original vision of Bitcoin.

If a person were new to crypto and decided to go and buy their first Bitcoin, it is very likely they will be completely confused as to which Bitcoin to buy, not understanding the 3 projects are completely separate from one another.

Consider; people outside of crypto do not understand that being a fork on the same blockchain does not make the entity connected to other projects on that blockchain in any other way. They also would not understand how it would be possible for a completely separate product to share nearly identical logo's, and advertising as "the real" Bitcoin.

Read the full rant and enjoy.

And now, from the honorable internet-savvy reasoning that I hide behind my beloved avatar or video-game greatness...

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