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Bitcoin Maximalism and Other Maximalisms Compared

17 Sep 2021 20 minute read 4 comments BitcoinGordon

Dear Cryptonians, Unite! Read my last thing about the SEC and share it with others. Be a part of the revolution. And now, onwards and upwards. Crypto, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the blockchain enterprise, and you are all welcome abo...

SEC - We The People Of Crypto UNITE! (Perhaps a Fantasy Story in Gordon's Head)

16 Sep 2021 15 minute read 4 comments BitcoinGordon

Here I am, 4:45 AM ET. If there's anything super-hero-like in my personality, it may be my work ethic. I live on finding, rather grasping at, inspiration, wherever I can get it. There's a lot of tragedy in life. More than anyone would know. I'm not a...

ETH 2.0 and the Argument Against Centralization

16 Sep 2021 15 minute read 0 comments BitcoinGordon

Hello fellow Cryptonians, For a while there, Gordon thought he was going to be moving to a different platform, grow his newsletter etc., and that may well be the case. But truth be told, when ideas pop into his head, he really wants to put it out the...

Gordon's Right About Stable Coins and Everybody Else Is Wrong

13 Sep 2021 13 minute read 12 comments BitcoinGordon

Okay, well I'm sure there's a person here and there that can be swayed. But, I'm right, whether the future backs this up remains to be seen, because we live in a clown world with clown news, clown analysts, clown 'experts' and a big ole tent called p...

"A Liar And A Fraud" - And Interesting Implications Regarding BSV

26 Jun 2021 15 minute read 4 comments BitcoinGordon

I enjoyed reading this article, among dozens I've read over the years, in a quest for a favorite topic of mine: who is the real Satoshi. I am but a 3D super hero, so nobody should really care about my position at all... but they do... they really, RE...

Bitcoin And El Salvador: Gordon's Perspective On The Arguments Of Decentralization

13 Jun 2021 8 minute read 16 comments BitcoinGordon

Bitcoin Maximalism... Bitcoin Maxi's... Toxic Bitcoin Maxi's... Boy oh Boy it's been a salty week in crypto. But, it's okay. Sometimes when communities dig in, express their passionate positions on ponderings of particular points (px5), we get to see...

Why Do Alts Go Down/Up When Bitcoin Goes Down/Up?

8 Jun 2021 5 minute read 8 comments BitcoinGordon

A few people asking in social channels again, so I'm going to address some of the math underlying the influence Bitcoin has on the rest of the market. Let's pretend for a moment, that there was zero fiat onramp to trade crypto. Then, let's pretend th...

The Crypto "Getting Started" Kit

7 Jun 2021 13 minute read 14 comments BitcoinGordon

A fellow user on Publish0x left a comment on my article about newbies just entering crypto. My advise, essentially to not get rekt... don't believe everything you hear, do your research before pouring real money into something. Their comment was, ess...

Bitcoin Conference: El Salvador And A Few Angles On Countries

7 Jun 2021 10 minute read 4 comments BitcoinGordon

If you are alive, in crypto, and haven't tried the "stick your fingers in your ears and go nahnahnahnahnah" method of research on the world wide interwebz, you may have heard Jack Mallers' speech with Strike, and their initiative that led to El Savad...

Newbies Trading Doge, Shiba, Or Gamestop: Robinhood Or Anywhere- Things You Need To Understand

6 Jun 2021 16 minute read 15 comments BitcoinGordon

The crypto market is growing. The market is expanding. This means that it is ramping up with those who have been in the space, and daily it is ramping up with new people entering the space. For those who were at least around from 2017 forward, we sho...