Bitcoin Technical Analysis 02-01-21

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 1 Feb 2021

Technical Analysis


It opens at $33K and goes down to around $32K and stable around $33K ~ $34K. The average transaction fee is $11.35 which is 25.13% decrease from 01-31-21.

I remain my floor price to $30K indicates the strong support and lower the ceiling price at $35K.

Bitcoin volatility is moving slower in yesterday. It may indicate the market as the whole is waiting for news to react.

Bitcoin decreases its correlation for Gold but increases with stock volatility that it becomes a defense position 🛡️. The price may fluctuate less in the coming day with price toward lower-level. There may have some risks in the coming day.

Bitcoin Value =  $30k ~ $35k and my position is Long.

Here is the road map:



Most Bullish News 📈

Institutional investor bullish on Bitcoin

It indicates that Bitcoin continue attracting institutional buyers. I like Cathie Wood Ark investment strategy and her forward thinking but I think her strategy is difficult to replicate and hard to know when re-balance is coming. However, I agree with her view on Bitcoin!

Most Bearish News 📉

Minors outflows with lack of profits

It indicates that Bitcoin transaction will impact and price may come to reduce.


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Here are summary of general forecast of this week of economy and market:




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Risk Neutral means no decision made and continue seeking opportunities 👁️

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