Bitcoin Technical Analysis 01-12-21

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 12 Jan 2021

Dollar continues to devalue quietly.

Technical Analysis


Let's take a look at some key metrics.

It opens at $32K and goes down to around $30K and stable around $31K ~ $32K. The average transaction fee is $14.54 which is 37.2% increase from 01-11-21.


I think it is a good sign that Bitcoin price is stable around $32K ~ $34K.


Average transaction fee is increase bit from yesterday.

Bitcoin is building up confident to become reverse digital gold and short term correction can improve its status in the long term.

After all, $29k ~$30k is strong support and I lower ceiling price to $38k due to strong dollar continue recovering that may continue slashing price a bit lower.

Bitcoin Value =  $29k ~ $38k



Most Bullish News

Corporations continue buying Bitcoin

It indicates that Bitcoin legitimate status continue improving.

Most Bearish News

Institution buyer question about legitimacy of Bitcoin

It indicates that Bitcoin is a possible bubble.

But I think we are long pass to trust only Billionaires to validate Bitcoin, don't you think?

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!


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