Is Splinterlands' SPS Airdrop worth it? 🤔🤑

Is Splinterlands' SPS Airdrop worth it? 🤔🤑

By BTCSam | Believe in Crypto | 20 Sep 2021

Hey everyone,

I played Splinterlands a lot back in the days but then decided to quit playing for various reasons. Now I started playing again and stumbled upon the SPS Airdrop. In this post I'll tell you how you can get SPS and if it is worth your effort.



What is SPS?


Splintershards is the governance token of Splinterlands. They give holders power to have a say in the development of the game and receive many advantages, such as certain promotions or rewards.

How to participate

It's actually pretty easy to take part. All you need is an active Splinterlands account. You get free SPS every day and you only need to claim them. The more airdrop points you have, the more you get.

How do you get more airdrop points?


There are several ways to get them:

1) Collection Power
The better your card collection, the more points you get. Especially if you are an active Splinterlands player, it can be worth it to buy a few new cards and thus increase the airdrop points.
2) Dark Energy Crystals
You also get airdrop points for the DEC that you own. You can get these by winning fights or you can also purchase them on Hive-Engine & Co.
3) DEC Liquidity Pools
If you provide liquidity in certain liquidity pools, you can benefit twice: on the one hand, you get a return from the pool and at the same time additional airdrop points.
4) Card Packs
Points are also awarded for the number of packs you own. Since they're sold out in the shop in the moment and the prices of other players offering them are extremely high, this may not be the best strategy to get airdrop points.
5) Land plots
The more land you own, the more points you get.
6) Champion Points
You can also increase your share of the airdrop with your number of Champion Points.
7) SPT
This one's a great way to get more free SPS: Just be an active member of Splintertalk and you will not only get more SPT but also an increased airdrop share.
8) Card Skins
Card skins can also give you tons of points. Depending on the quality, you'll receive more or less, but overall this can bring you a nice amount of points.
9) Totems
10) Titles

You can start by clicking on the SPS management button on the Splinterlands page. Or take a look at the pic below if you don't find it right away:


My strategy

My plan is to increase my airdrop points through DEC, that's why I bought around 13,000 DEC today, more will probably follow soon. However, I will probably also buy new cards because they not only help me with the airdrop but also with playing. And then I'll be more active on Splintertalk and thereby increase my SPT. I currently get SPS worth about $1 through the Airdrop daily. Because I then stake this SPS, I get another return of 105.55% APR.

Is it worth it?

If you use Splinterlands anyways, it is free crypto you shouldn't say no to. But is it worth investing? Will the SPS drop further? And what will happen with the DEC and card prices once the airdrop is finished?

The fear of some players is, that once the airdrop is finished (or maybe even a bit before that) the SPS price - and maybe DEC & card prices as well - will decrease because "investors" who just bought in for the airdrop will sell at that point.



The current SPS price is a little under $ 0.30, but has already been around $ 1 at some point. How the price will develop in the future is uncertain because the token has only been listed since August. Although the price seems to be not as volatile as in the beginning one can assume that it might drop further at some point. The 24h volume is quite low, probably because many people staked their SPS to earn even more. That's a good thing because it keeps the market less volatile, especially because unstaking takes 4 weeks.

So the important question is: Will the promised special promotions and extra rewards for SPS holders be valuable enough to convince people to hold their SPS in the long term? I think that Splinterlands will come up with a way to prevent a SPS dump and develop the game in a healthy way. Of course this is just my personal opinon, you have to decide yourself whether this seems like a good "investment" for you or not.

If you are new to Splinterlands, you can create an account through my link and find a good beginner guide here. If you want to watch a few pretty informative and interesting videos to get started, you can also check out @bulldog1205's 3speak profile.

Cheers ✌

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