My first two weeks into Splinterlands

Hi folks! I recently started playing Splinterlands. Splinterlands - formerly known as SteemMonsters - is a collectible card strategy game  where players are reward with cryptocurrencies for playing and finishing quests. I was attracted by some articles here on Publish0x, like this or this ;)

Furthermore, i red that Splinterlands had enter Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab Kicks

Getting paid for playing sounds good, so i decided to git it a try.

But is the game worth the 10$ you need to pay to buy the spellbook and start playing?

If you're thinking to make good money really quick, the answer is probably no. If you're looking for fun game to play, while your in-game asset slowly grow, the answer is definitely yes. Personally i'm in love with strategy games where few, simple rules generate thousands of possible game-play or different strategies.

From this point of view, Splinterlands is super fun. 


Simple rules, endless outcomes

Unlike most trading card games, Splinterland battles are fast and furious, usually only requiring a few minutes.

Every battle has different “rules”. This includes special Conditions (example: maybe all non-flying units take damage), Mana Cap (the max power of the team), and allowable Splinters.

Select a Summoner. This will determine the level and type of units available to you. Now, position your units based on their stats and abilities. Submit your team before the timer runs out!

Watch the battle unfold. Notice how position, stats, and abilities affect the outcome. Learn what works and what doesn’t. Find victory on the battlefield!



Is Splinterlands a Pay to Win?

I'm still not sure about this. For sure, the more you invest in buying cards, the more opportunities you have to win games, climb positions in the leaderboard and finishing quest. My experience shows that if you don't buy any pack (exept the initial Spellbook, which is required to play) you can still have good chances to win games and enjoy the game. 

I'm actually ending my second season and was able to win almost half of my battles without buying any addon.



Actually i'm the silver league, that will grant me at least 12 chests to open at the end of the season. in Splinterlands season are the heart of the game, at the end of every seasons players will receive rewards based on their ranking.

How much did i made?

This are the cards i own after the first season, the total value should be around 0.40$ or something. Plus i have around 100 DEC, which is another 0.10$.

I will probably double this amounts in the next 4 days, when my second season will end and i will get my rewards.

Again, quick earnings are not the reason to play.



So, what's Next?

The more I play this game, the more I enjoy it. I'm probably looking to find a guild in the future, nothing too challenging because i don't have that much time to invest. In the next future i'll probably writ something about DEC, the token ecosystem, and i will try to link different types of wallet to understand how this works.  

If you want to try the game, please consider using this link, you'll get a free asset

Hope you guys share your opinion, and maybe give me advice on a good guild for me!





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