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State of Splinterlands (6/18/2020)

Being new to Splinterlands i discovered a video called “State of Splinterlands” from June 18. It is Jesse Reich, the CEO and co-founder of Splinterlands talking about the current state of the game and its economy. The state of Splinterlands is something he apparently does at the end of every season, so every 14 days or two weeks.

I went and summarized all the points he talked about. Maybe I’ll do it every two weeks from now on. Here they are.

First he talked about general believes of the Splinterlands team, which according to him are as follows

  • They want to empower players and think that the community is core to the success of the game
  • They want to keep the game highly replayable and are always working on that
  • They understand mobile as existential to their growth so they’re working on a mobile app
  • They are aware of the scalability problems of blockchain technology and always work on that 
  • They want to the game to work for people of all budgets


Then some general news

  • The move to Hive went well and actually resolved technical problems the game might have had before
  • Splinterlands is taking part in the entrepreneurs lab hosted by Ubisoft
  • Splinterlands is still number 1 dapp on and
  • The social media layer of people on Hive are considered very valuable for the ongoing success of the game
  • We’ll be able to buy merch like t-shirts and whatnot with in-game currency DEC in the near future


Then he explained what Splinterlands is

  • A next generation game development studio
    • Matt Rosen and Jesse Reich are the founders, Matt has a coding background and Jesse has a sales background
    • Two people in marketing team, two developers, one designer, a dozen contractors, the community
  • The most popular blockchain game dapp


And what it is they're doing

  • They consider the fact that time invested in a traditional video game often yields zero value a problem
  • They want to solve this using blockchain for ownership of the cards enabling transactions between players
  • They consider themselves inventing a new era of gaming where you can actually earn money playing the game


Latest list of Decks by value and market cap (6/18/2020)

  • He showed a list of account names and the current value of their collection, like he does every month
  • The most valuable deck is currently $190k, the second one is $117k, the tenth on the list is $40k
  • The total Splinterlands market cap is $5.6m, up 200k from last month (according to peakd data)


Card prices and trading volume

  • The lowest price of the last airdrop character Yodin Zaku went up $1.81 and is now $19
  • The lowest price for the new airdrop character Chanseus the Great is $16.99
  • Trading volume is healthy at $7k and almost 11k transactions


Chanseus the Great

  • New airdrop character


Golden cards prices

  • The price of the golden Yodin Zaku went down from $525 to $300
  • Golden Chanseus trades for $249
  • Golden Magnor up from $60 to $95


Total market cap

  • Total market cap went up, now over 5 million (other data than before)
  • It tripled in value over the past year


More Numbers

  • The user who bought the most packs bought 57301
    • To be in the top 10 you’d have to purchase at least 11295 packs
    • Numbers didn't change much from last month
  • The player with the most cards has 189533
    • To be in the top ten you’d need more than 26449 cards
  • Most BCX is 328246
    • To be in the top 10 you'd need more than 91691
  • The number of combined cards is steadily going up
    • More than 80% of alpha cards have been combined
    • Number of combined beta cards also going up
    • So the overall amount of alpha and beta cards is steadily declining
  • He projects number of games played per day going up to 100k at the end of next season
  • Active users at all time high – roughly 5300 a day


Additional Points

  • Maybe they’re not doing enough to get people they aren’t familiar with crypto into the game
  • Brave ads worked better than Facebook ads regarding getting people to actually play the game


Product roadmap (active development)

  • Anytime tournament updates, live pretty soon (power score, tournament price distribution to be improved)
  • Mobile app development ongoing
  • Separate leaderboards for all leagues and floors


Things they working on but not actively before other stuff is done 

  • Starting to design some elements for the new user onboarding experience
  • Land sale
  • Guild tournaments and boss fights


If you're interested in me doing this every season, leave a comment.

Thanks for reading.

Apparently you can contact Jesse on 

twitter @aggroed

or join   

You can watch the whole 34 minute video on Youtube  

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Getting into Splinterlands
Getting into Splinterlands

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