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The Bahamas now have their official digital currency

22 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments martincanadese

Well, I guess this is kind of a milestone, the Bahamas became the first nation in the world to launch a state-backed digital currency (SAND DOLLAR) through the National Bank. My opinion is that, even if Sand Dollar will not revolutionize the world of...

Eidoo Card integrates Loopring API

20 Oct 2020 2 minute read 0 comments martincanadese

Good news for you lucky people that made thousand $ in Loopring here on Publish0x ;) Despite struggling lately on the market, with the price slowly decreasing, the DeFi project is healthy and developing good partnership in the crypto world. Eidoo Car...

Rare Batman NFT Digital Art Series was sold for 540 Ether

19 Oct 2020 2 minute read 1 comment martincanadese

NFTs will change the market for art workers forever, everybody knows that. Worldwide, more than $131 million worth of NFTs have been sold in the last few years, according to data from A five-piece collection of Batman digital art was...

Zilliqa's (ZIL) staking was launched today

15 Oct 2020 2 minute read 0 comments martincanadese

Following the launch of the first Zilliqa-based token exchange Zilswap, another good news for all you Zilliqa's fans. Zilliqa staking has just been launched on the mainnet, as communicated by the team on twitter. From now on, all users will be able t...

You can now purchase Crypto inside Coinbase Wallet

13 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments martincanadese

On October 11th, the company announced Coinbase Wallet users could now buy crypto directly inside the wallet itself.  Previously, users holding their crypto in the wallet would have to buy crypto somewhere else and then send funds to Coinbase W...

Introducing the First Annual NFT Awards - 2020

9 Oct 2020 2 minute read 0 comments martincanadese

A good news for all blockchain gaming fans since Blockchain Game Alliance - an association that aims to promote the blockchain technology inside gaming companies - launched the very first award for the best NFT. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a specia...

Top Universities for Blockchain

8 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments martincanadese

Coindesk just published a great report comparing top US universities blockchain programs. This in-depth analysis measured the school’s impact, post-study job prospects and campus blockchain offerings, as well as survey responses, to determine top U....

Introducing Zilswap - Zilliqa's first DEX

5 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments martincanadese

A huge step for Zilliqa network today as Zilswap - Zilliqa's first DEX - was launched. The name says it all, from now you can exchange tokens on Zilliqa's blockchain. Zilliqa's is currently listed at 0,20$ on Coinmarketcap for a total market cap of m...

Pay attention to Terra (and Luna)

1 Oct 2020 2 minute read 0 comments martincanadese

Starting yesterday, a new earn project was launched on CoinmarketCap Earn. It's called Learn about Terra and earn LUNA tokens and you can start earning a few LUNA tokens for free if you watch a series of three videos and answer correctly to every que...

Coinbase launches Cosmos Staking Rewards

30 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments martincanadese

After reading that Binance CEO expects DeFi to destroy his exchange, I thought that the only way for big exchanges to continue dominating the market is allowing customers savings to generate incomes, both through staking or finance. Otherwise, quite...


The XRP Foundation is born

28 Sep 2020 martincanadese

06 October 2020
Onestly it's the last earner of the list for a reason, I should probably remove it from the list. I believe it's a legit site, it will just take forever to withdraw from them. I will absolutely not deposit any crypto, what I recommend is to sign-up and forget about it. If you want know more

Young Pro - From startup to feeless exchange

11 Sep 2020 The Stupid

11 September 2020
They also have an app that pays you for walking, learning and watching content. Give it a try!

Electroneum lands on Changelly

11 Sep 2020 martincanadese

11 September 2020
Thanks buddy! Apreciate it!

Splinterlands - Collection Power Update - Phase 3 Coming Soon

10 Sep 2020 Chris Roberts

11 September 2020
I can see many of the reasons that led to this huge change for the game. Still, I feel a little frustrated by the new league system, and i'm finding no reason to play, like many others new players. I used to compete with my small deck (10k card power) in diamond league and i was enjoying the game and the rewards, right now i'm stucked into bronze league, with basically no reward and no reason to play unless i decide to invest a huge amount of money. Too bad, cause the game is super fun and derves a growing community which I don't think is gonna come with this pay-to-win attitude. I'm really looking forward for the new leaderboard system, which may give sense to the whole thing! Cheers!

5 of the Best Bitcoin YouTube documentaries

1 Sep 2020 martincanadese

01 September 2020
Thanks buddy! Appreciate it!

Stepdrop new feature - Earn by learning with quizzes!

29 Aug 2020 martincanadese

31 August 2020
Hi buddy, I know what you mean... ;) This project is made by a young team and was launched in a university startup program, so i would really like to see something good coming out of it!

Stepdrop new feature - Earn by learning with quizzes!

29 Aug 2020 martincanadese

31 August 2020
You can sell your YNG on the Young Platform exchange every first week of the month at €0.24. The amount of YNG available for sale is determined by an algorithm so that the price remains stable at 0.24

Top 6 Blockchain Games

28 Aug 2020 ChangeNOW

29 August 2020
Forgive me sir, I think you forget to mention Splinterlands, which has a pretty solid fanbase here... ;) Cheers!

Will crypto pay for my summer holiday? 📈 July Profit Report 📈

3 Aug 2020 PVMihalache

03 August 2020
Super cool! Thanks, tipped and followed ;)

Will crypto pay for my summer holiday? 📈 July Profit Report 📈

3 Aug 2020 PVMihalache

03 August 2020
I would love to see a step by step guide on how to use StakeCube, looks promising...! Cheers!

Splinterlands: The Best Play2Earn Trading Card Game

30 Jul 2020 Blockchain Beth

31 July 2020
Splinterlands is just so good. Just a few rules, with different combination, generates endless outcomes. Starting to play is easy but the game gets intriguing at some point, figuring out the best strategies is immediate. Oh, don't worry about DEC, you'll earn a lot more as you raise the leaderboard. Followed, tipped and good luck!

Earn 2% APY "Staking" DAI on Coinbase

30 Jul 2020 Thomas Wolf

30 July 2020
In the future i'll look more and more for exchanges with staking/earning opportunities. Too bad that you have too be US based to be eligible to all this opportunities :(

New Coinbase Earn Token: Kyber (KNC)

28 Jul 2020 Thomas Wolf

28 July 2020
I guess it depends on where you're from. I'm from Europe and i've been waiting for ages to be eligible

The easiest guide to earn 10K Sat per day, every day

22 Jul 2020 Roberto D.

23 July 2020
As for Coinpot, i barely use the faucets, maybe just a claim a day. The real trick to make satoshi is to use the challenge system in a fair way, here's the guide

The easiest guide to earn 10K Sat per day, every day

22 Jul 2020 Roberto D.

23 July 2020
I personally don't like that much Cryptotab, i always preferred Brave and his ads system. On your list I would add Coinpot and Cointiply, two of my main earning resources! Cheers!

Invest in Bitcoin | Best Bitcoin Faucets To Earn Free Bitcoins 2020


23 July 2020
You just earned your first folllower!

Invest in Bitcoin | Best Bitcoin Faucets To Earn Free Bitcoins 2020


23 July 2020
Man, your earnings on Cointiply are great. I thought I was doing good with my 50$... ;)

Stepdrop - Earn by Walking

7 Jul 2020 martincanadese

09 July 2020
Sorry buddy, i don't think the app support Vietnamese language!

Splinterlands - New Account Experiment (Day 1) Hive Trading Card Game

15 Jun 2020 mawit07

16 June 2020
I just started playing Splinterlands. I'll follow to compare my results and yours over time! Tipped ;)

Brave Browser Under Fire, is it Justified?

10 Jun 2020 Thomas Wolf

10 June 2020
Agree with you 100%. Regarding Brave ad notification, just try to turn them off and on again. Worked for me and many others (no clue what is the real problem). I wasn't receiving an ad in 3 weeks, now i'm getting 6-7 ads a day.

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Social Experiment: Biden or Trump

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TOP Things You Should Know About Bat & Brave

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