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Taco Universe | How To Play Brigade

14 hours ago 5 minute read 6 comments dai-

Brigade is one of two game mode that is currently out on the Taco Universe, with more games and features coming in the future. Brigade is a Free to Earn WAX based game that is available to be download on the App Store and Google Play Store. To learn...

Acryptia NEW UPDATE: Events

1 Feb 2023 2 minute read 0 comments dai-

Acryptia the rogue-like card game within the Taco Universe, is announcing it's first Events! Where usually players would need to complete their daily and weekly task to get their rewards, now they offer a new way to earn from the community events. T...

Is Publish0x Stopping Itself From Growing?

7 Apr 2022 3 minute read 5 comments dai-

Publish0x was launched for pre-beta mode on December 2018. A blogging site that implements a payment mechanism for its users similar to Medium or Steemit. However, it is clear that Publish0x is much more superior in rewarding its users and smaller cr...

What Is WAX Blockchain and Why You Should Invest

22 Nov 2021 5 minute read 0 comments dai-

If you have been following my post, you would know that I am quite invested in the WAX blockchain and a bunch of game projects that lives within it. Projects such as Alien Worlds, Farmer World, R-Planet, NFT Stonkers, and much much more can be found...

A Beginner's Investment Portfolio | How I Turn $200 into $1600+ in 4 Months

29 Apr 2021 8 minute read 2 comments dai-

In this post I will be discussing what I've been doing since early January to April to increase my portfolio by 8 fold (excluding passive income that I have made with Coinmine*). First of all, I would like to remind you, that this is not an Investmen...

Coinmine Review One Year PROFIT | How I made $1400 | Was It Worth It?

5 Apr 2021 4 minute read 2 comments dai-

About a year ago in February, I bought a Coinmine as an introduction to cryptomining for myself. The whole setup plus shipping cost me $700 (note that I was living in California where Coinmine was being distributed). My Coinmine has been up and runni...

Coinmine Review, The Pros and Cons - After Two Months of Usage

8 Mar 2020 6 minute read 4 comments dai-

Introduction To Coinmine The Coinmine is a pre-built mining device that is the size of a PS4 or a Xbox. The only thing you need to do after purchasing your coinmine, is to first, connect it to a power line, then connect it to the internet with wifi o...

What Is Handshake? Is It Worth Investing? $HNS

6 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments dai-

What Is Handshake? Handshake officially went live on February 4 2020. It is a UTXO-based blockchain protocol which manages the registration, renewal and transfer of DNS top-level domains (TLDs). A decentralized, permissionless naming protocol compati...

Investment Guide To The Number One Crypto Game - My Crypto Heroes

29 Feb 2020 3 minute read 2 comments dai-

My Crypto Heroes is a turn-based web game that is developed by jump.tokyo. In this blog i will try to help you progress faster and potentially help you break-even or profit. By no means am I "good" at the game, I'm still learning and want to help ot...