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By dai- | WAX Gaming | 1 Feb 2023


Acryptia the rogue-like card game within the Taco Universe, is announcing it's first Events!

Where usually players would need to complete their daily and weekly task to get their rewards, now they offer a new way to earn from the community events. The first event is called Fowl Brawl that will last for 2 weeks starting today.


You can access the community events by clicking the map and scroll on the bottom of you screen.


From then on, you can see the leaderboard for the players, and see the progress of the community event. If the community fails to complete the task in time, the rewards won't be distributed.


Reward Pool

The reward pool is 1000 WAX: 70% will go to the players, and 30% will go towards Venue Owners. So 700 WAX will be the prize pool for the players.

The prize will be distributed according to your contribution within the event. The more you contribute, the higher your reward.

Example of Prize distribution Total Pool: 1000 WAX > 70% to players > 700 WAX Collective Task: Deal 10,000 Damage Personal: You Deal 1,000 Damage (10% of the total) Prize: You win 70 WAX


Fowl Brawl

A monster invasion is causing panic in the Taverns, slay them all and clear up the bar! Deal Damage to any Monster to push it back.


The first event will have the players to accumulate 1,200,000 damage towards the monsters. Every damage towards the enemy counts as 1 Damage point, if you are using a 3 Damage weapon towards a 2 HP Monster, you will get 2 Damage point in contribution.


My Thoughts

This event is a nice edition to the game. Although if you do the calculations, if you want to secure 10% of the prize pool which is 70 WAX. You would need to do 120,000 Damage within 2 weeks. And if you have been playing this game for at least a few days, you know that simply cannot happen within a reasonable amount of time. Still, it is a free event that costs the player no additional fee for entry, but the chances are, you would probably get a decimal amount of WAX in reward.




From now on, starting from this post, the first 3 of my Publish0x followers who puts in their WAX wallet and a comment will receive a random WAX NFT (ranging from 0.1 - 1 WAX). So feel free to leave a comment right on this post.

In the future I will be announcing on Twitter, 30 minutes before I post to give everyone a heads up. 



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