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Ultraman Phygital NFTs Joins WAX Blockchain

By dai- | WAX Gaming | 9 Feb 2023

NFTs, which started out as a passing trend, have continued to gather momentum and now have an impact on virtually every aspect of our lives. Their popularity is on the rise as both established brands and new entrants aim to incorporate them into their operations.

The reason for NFTs' popularity is due to their user-friendly and engaging qualities. They streamline the trading of physical goods and foster interaction, and they also simplify the verification of physical items.


AtomicHub Beast Kingdom Ultraman Phygital NFTs - NFT Cards coming to WAX


AtomicHub, the world's leading NFT marketplace, has announced a partnership with Beast Kingdom, Tsuburaya Productions, and RE:DREAMER to introduce a new line of phygital NFTs featuring the legendary Japanese superhero Ultraman. The release will be available on March 1st and will feature both digital Ultraman NFTs and physical Ultraman collectibles.

This is the first drop to take place on the AtomicHub Launchpad, a new platform that enables global brands, NFT projects, blockchain games, and more to hold exclusive NFT drops in collaboration with the AtomicHub team.


AtomicHub Beast Kingdom Ultraman Phygital NFTs - Standard and Premium Eggs 2

Two different blind packs will be sold on March 1st 12:00 UTC for an Early Bird drop, where the main drop will take place on another date. 

Early Bird sale will launch 5,000 Standard Eggs at the price of $8.99 and 5,000 Premium Eggs at $26.49. Whereas the Main sale will have 10,000 Standard Eggs at $9.99 and 10,000 Premium Eggs at $28.99. Standard Eggs will have 5 NFTs while the Premium will have 15 NFTs. Random queue position will be assigned for participants on the website.

Discount codes will be distributed on both AtomicHub and Beast Kingdom's social media account leading up to the launch date of the phygital collectibles.

Like the name suggest, Phygital is a combination of getting both physical and the digital asset of the collectible, where the two top rarities: Exotic and Mythic - and a specific combination of other rarities, will have the ability to redeem exclusive physical Ultraman collectibles from Beast kingdom's Mini Egg Attack product line.


Mythic, Exotic and certain NFT combinations can be redeemed for a physical collectible.


Jona Wilmsmann, Co-founder of AtomicHub, said:

“It’s fantastic to finally be releasing our Launchpad, enabling us to help respected brands take their first steps into the NFT space. We’re also very excited to be making Beast Kingdom our first Launchpad partners; it gives veteran fans an all-new way to experience Ultraman, whilst showcasing the iconic character to a whole-new generation of fans.”


KK Yang, President of Beast Kingdom, added:

“Constant innovation and change for the better is the most basic task that Beast Kingdom has given itself. Our development team, working alongside AtomicHub, have taken the most useful features of NFT technology and applied them to collectible products, challenging the notion of toy collection as we know it and leading the industry into the next generation.”


Created in 1966, Ultraman is one of Japan's most iconic superheroes.


Wax is still on track for being the biggest blockchain, where it is ranked as one of the top leaders in network activity. Currently garnering 20 million daily transactions and 350,000 daily active addresses.




What do you think of Phygital Collectibles?

Is it just another gimmick that's bound to flop?








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