Is Publish0x Stopping Itself From Growing?

By dai- | WAX Gaming | 7 Apr 2022

Publish0x was launched for pre-beta mode on December 2018. A blogging site that implements a payment mechanism for its users similar to Medium or Steemit. However, it is clear that Publish0x is much more superior in rewarding its users and smaller creators than it's competitors, where it is much easier to get recognition and make headlines without a huge following.


Publish0x has gained a total of 442,949 registered user as of this date - where it gains roughly 11,000 new users monthly. This is a clear indication that the site has a future ahead. This led me to ask what's next for Publish0x and the the future of the website?

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I have contemplated for a while on writing other contents that are not related to crypto or any tech news related that I have much deeper knowledge and interest on. Even though the website allows you to categorized your post to different niches, it is still obvious that crypto related posts are much much more favored compared to other posts. Publish0x is not to be blamed for this, the website and the system that Publish0x has just seems to interest and attract users who are into techs and crypto related posts more than others.  

However, only pushing forwards and putting crypto related news on the "popular" page, discourages new users who would like to use the payment system that Publish0x have created - but doesn't seem to be interested in the content that they are seeing. This further discourages people who would be potential content creators to the site, that would post other posts that are not related to crypto. In the end, Publish0x is stagnating itself from being able to capture more users and bring more traction to the site. 

This is not really a bad thing. Depending on what Publish0x wants to be. For now, it is clear that it's targeted users are people who are into crypto and tech, where Publish0x is this niche website dedicated for crypto related posts and occasionally a motivation post pops up on the main page - and that completely works. On the other hand, Publish0x can advertise and presents itself as a blog post for all sorts of niches not just crypto. Where the website can be better categorized into different sections and highlights post from different section on the popular page. 

I personally find it really boring and repetitive seeing the same articles being headlined over and over again. Whether it is "Bitcoin Bullish or not?" or "What is De-Fi" and so on. I would really appreciate a variety in the content that the site chooses to highlight - probably not just based on views, tips or likes which can be easily manipulated within a coordinated group of people. Perhaps adding a tab which showcases the top posts picked by the moderators would be a fun twist for the site that it seems to be lacking of.

Perhaps all of this isn't what Publish0x needs and I am just rambling non-sense. In my opinion, publish0x can potentially be something more than it currently is - and perhaps the lack of competition and urgency is what stagnates it. I love publish0x, and it is a website that I visit very frequently since I am incentivized to do so. However, I feel like I could be more engaged and use it more often if there were more posts unrelated to crypto that are well written. 


I thought I would try a new type of post and speak my mind out about how I feel about the website that I spend a lot of my time on. I hope my post make sense and leaves whoever reads it thinking. Do let me know about your thoughts, please don't be too harsh lol.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, if you have any feedback and criticism on how I can improve my writing you can leave them down on the comments below. Your like & share would also be greatly appreciated!

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