A Beginner's Investment Portfolio | How I Turn $200 into $1600+ in 4 Months

By dai- | WAX Gaming | 29 Apr 2021

In this post I will be discussing what I've been doing since early January to April to increase my portfolio by 8 fold (excluding passive income that I have made with Coinmine*). First of all, I would like to remind you, that this is not an Investment guide nor do I recommend anyone to follow what I am doing, this is me trying to share my experience and how I manage to get where I am. I should also mention that I know very little in investment and still learning and any tips on investment would be greatly appreciated!

The post will be divided into different methods of investment that I have used ranging from what has earned me the least to the most. Do keep in mind that the prices of cryptocurrencies early January was much lower than what it currently is right now (ie. Bitcoin price on January 1st was $32,000 and as of the time I am currently writing this post it is at $54,300).

*You can check out my Coinmine review HERE



Rollercoin is a crypto mining simulator game that has its own block chain where you can mine for real cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, RTC (the game currency), and DOGE! First of all, Rollercoin is my latest investment which really is more of a game where you spend your free time on rather than an actual investment. In rollercoin you gain hashrate/mining power by playing minigames or use RTC or your cryptocurrencies that you deposit to buy mining rigs. Rollercoin isn't something that you should be investing if you are not willing to invest atleast $100-$200 on. Not to mention that there are better ways that you can invest your crypto's on other than this game. With that being said, it is a fun game that's continuously being updated and a large number of community behind it. 


this is my current setup, where I have invested 600 Doge coin (I purchased 3000 Doge when it was under $0.1) and bought two of the best miners in game which gives me 400 Th/s without playing any mini-games. This is how I manage to get into the top 5000 player in just under three weeks. I would not recommend this game as your main source of investment, but if you have $100 to spare this is definitely a fun investment.

If you are interested in trying Rollercoin click HERE

RTC collected = (6.23 RTC) $6.23


Brave is a web browser that blocks any ads on any website that you visit, and the best part of using Brave is that you are able to earn BAT by opening the ads that they give you, however Brave is still a great browser for the adblocker itself and you can disable the paid ads in the settings. Brave has earned me over $40 over the course of a year of using it.

This is more of a passive income where it requires very little maintenance and a decent reward. Rewards are distributed every month and can be withdrawn to any crypto wallet that has BAT wallet such as Binance. Brave is definitely a must have application, you can download Brave by clicking HERE

Total BAT = (38.7 BAT) $45.27



CryptoTab is also a web browser, however the main advantage of CryptoTab is that you can mine Bitcoin on any devices that is able to download the web browser! Such as Android, Apple devices, Computer and more. CryptoTab mines Bitcoin in the background just by turning the web browser on, it is very unintrusive where you can still play games, watch Youtube, do your work, while still mining Bitcoin. If it somehow does interrupt with the speed of your device, you can easily adjust the speed of the mining to lessen the load on your devices, or turn it off completely if you choose to do so.

CryptoTab Browser - Crypto Mining Blog

Although you don't get that much Bitcoin, it still cost nothing to mine Bitcoin and take no effort to maintain it. It is worth using and the withdrawal only takes a couple of days, with a minimum withdrawal of 0.00001 BTC. Another advantage of using Cryptotab is that you can link all of your devices under one account and have all of your earnings in the same account. CryptoTab is something worth having and cost you nothing, you can start using CryptoTab by clicking HERE

Total CryptoTab earnings = (0.00014704 BTC) $7.80


I have talked about Coinmine multiple times, so I won't talk too much about it. But it is worth mentioning that mining cryptocurrency has been more profitable than ever. Using my Coinmine has generated me over $1500+ in a year, however the miner that I possess isn't even close to being one of the best and most profitable miners out there (although the Coinmine is compact and make no sound). Helium mining has been very profitable recently and each miner only costs you around $400-$500 where it can earn you around $5 in HNT per day.

If you are trying to get into crypto mining there are a lot of guides on Youtube on the most profitable miners out there. I usually watch VoskCoin videos on miners and on cryptomining in general. 

Like the Coinmine, Helium miners are small and compact and takes up very little space. I would highly recommend for anyone who is looking to expand their portfolio to read up on cryptomining and try investing on one, especially if you live in a country with very cheap electricity cost. If you are interested in Coinmine you can read up on my review HERE

Total Coinmine earnings = $1503.08



PancakeSwap is a liquidity provider on the Binance Smart Chain, it is similar to IFarm and SushiSwap, where you can stake and also join the lottery which gives you CAKE. I do not have the best knowledge on staking and there are a lot of guides and blog post on Publish0x that can help you familiarize with staking. With that being said, I chose PancakeSwap over IFarm is because it is on the Binance Smart Chain rather than the Ethereum Block Chain which has an insane transaction fee. I have used Pancake Swap for about 2 weeks where I invested a share of my profits that I accumulated from Binance (which I will talk about in the next point) and turn them into CAKE which gave me roughly gave me 8 CAKE. At the time I bought it CAKE was priced at around $22 each. In the span of my 2 weeks I have gained about $20 just from staking alone, and during that time CAKE price jump to around $41 per coin which would put my profit around $140 in less than a month. 

Again, I managed to get ahead and learn about staking and PancakeSwap in particular is because of VoskCoin, where he talks about Binance Smart Chain, which I had no idea prior to watching his video even though I have been using Binance for a long time now. From his video I was able to connect my MetaMask wallet to the Binance Smart Chain and deposit my crypto and convert it into CAKE. 

Total CAKE = (8.6 CAKE) $352.6



Lastly, most of my trading and portfolio is on Binance. Initially before I used Binance, I was on Coinbase. Yes, Coinbase is more user friendly and easier to read for a beginner. However the high trading fees and restrictions, I chose to move to Binance for its cheaper trading fees and varities of cryptocurrencies. I started by depositing $200 on Binance in late December with the idea of day trading in mind, in just a few days of day trading I managed to gain $30 just by selling on the highest point and buying cheaper than what I have sold, familiarizing yourself with the candlestick chart significantly helps you with your predictions. The most important advice that I would give is do not panic when the price drops so low and wait for it to bounce back, try not to invest with your emotions and like what everyone says: Don't invest something you can't lose. 

But what really skyrocketed my investment which allows me to gain so much profit and branch off investment into other things such as PancakeSwap and RollerCoin is because of my investment on DogeCoin. I managed to buy Doge way early on and put all of my crypto at that time which was worth around $780 and put it all on Doge, which is very risky and something you should not do unless you are really sure about it. That investment almost doubled my portfolio putting me at around $1300 which I quickly sold at the peek of DogeCoin price which was around $0.42. 

I managed to pick up on these things early on from Craig Percoco's video. His videos talks about cryptocurrencies that are still on the up-and-coming and whether certain projects are worth investing or not. His video has helped me diverse my portfolio, where I used to put all of my crypto on one thing and sell them all at once when it hits a certain point and sell them lower than I bought them, I used to do this repeatedly. But now, I try to divide my portfolio in Binance into long term and short term investment. Long term investments are the one where I would sell when it hits a certain point by putting a sell order on Binance, these ones are targeted at cryptos that basically worth nothing and could potentially increase by 200% in a year or two, these crypto's have very little risk since they are priced very low. While the Short term investments are the ones that attracts a lot of attention such as Doge, Dot, 1INCH, UNI, just to name a few - where I would put in a certain amount of money in it and sell at a high point and buy once it's price has gone down and repeat.

At this point you can see that I learn about investing from Youtubers, where I learn how to invest and building a portfolio - Digesting the news and getting new information to be ahead of the curve. I simply choose video format because I learn faster that way and I can multitask by learning about crypto while doing something else, like playing Rollercoin. 

A few youtubers that I would like to mention that has help me significantly on my investing journey are:

VoskCoin, Craig Percoco, and The Rich Dad which talks about not just investing in crypto but also in stocks, gold and many more. If you would like to share a channel that has helped you with your investment you can leave them in the comment section.

Total Binance Portfolio = $1008.80



Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, if you have any feedback and criticism on how I can improve my writing you can leave them down on the comments below. Your like & share would also be greatly appreciated!


Here are all the links in this article:

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If this post becomes successful enough and gains traction I will be updating my profit and what new things I try to invest on monthly.

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