The Principled Crypto Investor Question "Should I Stay Blockchained to the Old World or Go Atomic?"

CRYPTO TKO ISSUE #015 Kraken Power: The RIT + PAXOS Borg vs "The Atomic" Option

Most in the know, in crypto, realize RIT is Rothschild.

RIT just recently bought a huge position in Kraken, known to be a decent Central exchange looking to get to some form of de-centralized exchange state, according to their CEO Jesse Powell.

RIT also bought in big to float the #PAXOS US $ priced Stable coin.

Align that fact with the fact Jacob Rothschild said, reaching into the archives, "BTC and all other variants would get destroyed" back in 2017, by of all things the FedCoin,  which he was heavily promoting at the time. FedCoin concept has imo,  morphed into a BIS led Int'l SDRDC "Special Drawing Right Digital Currency" to clear transactions between Central Banks,  backed up by a basket of 'prominent'  WMF fiat currencies and "the much papered" gold. (Read up on Comex Gold and Silver price suppression to better understand the rigged metals market, ie- way more gold and silver certificates than actual metal in existence, with JP Morgan controlling the price of Silver 'Hunt' style ).

Also expect regional  partly gold Backed and/or silver backed Digital Currencies, (masquerading as crypto),  to be Central Bank issued (purchased from Private Banks with interest if your Canada) and  be govt treasury centrally controlled currency, with  effectively no limits on money supply as they vary the percentage of metal backing moving forward, ready to Hyper-inflate the value of everything you need to live, in order to support government regime ever inflating spending habits (while your real wages stay stagnant or get replaced by 'UBI' Universal Basic Income) crushing your buying power (and will to live) in the process. 


FrothsChild leading Engulf & Devour Corp. Board Meeting, Kraken Beware

So what is Really going on here with "Engulf and Devour" Corp. "EDC""

aka 'Frothschild',  "RIT" & their newly minted partners Kraken & PAXOS?

In this 15th issue of Crypto TKOs, we take a look under the hood of RIT's and Rothchild's recent crypto '5D chess' moves to garner more control over the world of conventional crypto. We also explore an alternative "Atomic Swap" universe emerging to effectively  break away from EDC, starving their fuel source at the same time to weaken  and quickly dissolve their "Grip on the Globe" and Humanity, which is simply just wishing to live in peace and prosperity, without EDC powered shenanigans. (Mel Brooks puts a humorous, but so real 'spin' on this clip  link above, in the classic 'Silent Movie', its scary..)

CEO Jesse Powell of KrakenTRace Mayer, BTCs Proof of Keys Evangelist

Public Enemies Number #1 & #2 in Crypto? Principles? Hmmm 

"Your are defined by the company you keep"- Kraken and RIT, really?

Jesse Powell & Trace Mayer need to dig deep to explain this one,  a deal with RIT which imo, damages both their reputations immensely in the world of crypto. It goes beyond just labelling them as 'sellouts' to the crypto purpose in the first place for most.

In this case, not speaking up when you see something obviously harmful coming Humanity's way, is not my style.

Nor is Sheep-a-nomics, that is, " 100% capitulation to the shite status quo for the sake of HUGE personal gain". 

Enter the Kraken and CEO Jesse Powell and the company he now keeps. (under the Kraken Board governance of Mayer?)

A Principled move, with humanity's best interests at heart, the Kraken allowed investment by RIT, was clearly not.

That said, is there ever a principled moved in the world of today's centralized exchanges running the crypto casinos of the world these days anyways?


Will Kraken ever devolve into the world of DEX as previously advertised? (which could lead to 'honest' price only discovery data broadcasting)

If Kraken does go DEX, what will it look like? 

One can only surmise,  with future remote viewing techniques in play, Powell will have his 'ear bent' by RIT, daily.


Kraken's new look?

The Changeling: What to look for re: Kraken's new look and next moves... 

Look for PAXOS showing up on Kraken as part of BTC and Ethereum and possibly Cardano liquidity pairs, so RIT can move their money around more easily, within and on an exchange where they 'hold sway'. Makes perfect sense from the EDC perspective, when all you worry about is power and control, with money being the biggest tool in the tool box to make those things happen.

So in this "Kraken Change-up" context What is the impact on Crypto investors  and Humanity' state in general?

Is there even a fit moving forward and case for using Kraken in the minds of principled investors?

What is well known is  EDC game plan  of doing what they think is best "For the Greater good", joined often at the hip with their buddies at the Rockefeller Foundation 'towing the same line". For many these days, it's  a tired old "serve themselves" game, one of which most in the world of crypto are at least semi-aware of by now. 

So the more interesting principled crypto investor question to pose imo, is:

"What's the Crypto "Humanity Fit" going to look like moving forward and away from this EDC emptiness to get to a more prosperous, healthy, peaceful state of humanity, powered partly by new crypto Fin Tech?"


Humanity's Future: Its here now so try it out.

Atomic Swaps  Wallet to Wallet- supported with DEX "Trusted" Price Discovery

Person to Person wallet transfers between dissimilar currencies has long been on the lips of those sharpest in the crypto community, so where are we now in this respect to realizing such an awesome feature?

Well we are in the middle ground area of transitioning 'crypto herd understanding' into actual behaviour which will shift the volume of transactions into the P2P atomic wallet to wallet settlement of transactions between multiple parties, without banks. (You can almost hear the bankers out there gasping for breath, together with the lawyers, accountants and government wankers, right about now, right around the world, reacting to such an idea.  ;) )

Atomic Swaps are a foundational break through in the crypto world very much a BIG WIP "Work in Progress" effort across many crypto communities, most of them powered by principled groups of developers wanting to make this earth a better place for all.

Such an "en mass" principled move by most of the crypto community's developers might seem to some 'a bit over the top' and Kumbya-like to some crypto investors, but make no mistake, this is "THE" big majority movement powering  principled crypto developers.


DEFI Mania, Revving up in the New Year 2021

Round 1 2020-2021: Blowing up the Crypto Status Quo- DEFI 1.0 Moves- "It's a Wrap!"

The past 12 months or so has been a rocket ship ride for DEFI 1.0.

Much 'dough' has been made,  by crypto Fintech developers, largely introducing crypto investors to new forms of financial management convenience, of what is effectively investment auto-balancing (Order Router  and Mutual Fund  investment type auto-positioning/algorithmic trading logic).

'Balancers' as they are referenced 'on the streets of crypto land' , are equipped with multiple prediction curves, one for each crypto store of value,  to help most Balancers forward predict prices of specific wrapped crypto currencies,   predictions looked at collectively by the Balancer's  logic to determine as a whole, where best to move"stake" hard stores of value  to generate the best returns for investors staking and payout a fair fee for those managing the balancers. Balancer tech also lets investors move easily between staking positions from which they earn interest, without paying much in the way of 'conversion" fees, since the crypto stays in the same wrapper. 

where your crypto stores of value, live is the same type of wrapper, so they can be 'staked' as a wrapped currency, which itself is used as collateral to be issued to other wanting crypto based loans, which are often used as investments in other cryptos. Yup its that crazy out there  in crypto land, and much of this financial methodology is automated.

In a previous Crypto TKO issue I cover #FARM from Harvister Finance , nestled in the #9 slot of  crypto categories  called "Yield Farming", which is a variant of the original Balancer  idea, now since copies by several others with their own algorithmic trading angles.

The result has been a spectacular shift in the Top 100 composition of Market Cap leaders, to see 30 new names , all #DEFI move into the Top 100 rankings, with another 50 lurking into the next 100 to 200 rankings. Essentially virtually any brokerage firm semi-genius and their immediate gang of accomplices has started up a Balancer type play to 'shake it up all over" the crypto world. Competition being a good thing, as investors pick their way through these DEFI offers, looking for investment value, there will invariably be a re-statement of the leader board, over and over again as these DEFI plays tune and change their value add at the "speed of software development and testing", the delivery choke point, metering the flow on innovation into Defi, a choke point flow of innovation which is accelerating with the addition of new  'Lego-like", drag and drop software tools making it easier, every day for the DEFI Fintech types to build their 'leapfrog' value.

That said, you need good ole fashion "compute power" to handle volume, and one machine can only "scale up" so much during peak demand. Running machines in parallel, so called "scaling out" 

All good right? Except that something is coming. this way fast, to crypto, which will change investor trading behavior yet again, for the better, which will force the DEFI 1.0 crowd to cook up DEFI 2.0 variants which support Atomic Swapping (with minimal fees) to stay in the game.


Soon to be closed Chicago Commodities Trading Pits, so much for really tru price discovery WSJ Article May 5 2021

Round 2: 2021-2022: Going Atomic: P2P Wallet to Wallet Transactions and DEX Price Discovery Services

Kraken missed out on the DEFI 1.0 Boom (just look at their listing, tell me I am wrong).

Now that Kraken's hunt for a new Board member is clearly over,  will RIT push Kraken into DEX and the Atomic Swap space more aggresively?

Yes, I think so,  but, RIT will for sure, shove/nudge/point Kraken in  the direction within their own EDC game plan, that is have KRaken keep their liquidity trading pairs largely working the 'big money'  Top 50 cryptos, without or without 'balancer' features.

To visualise the Kraken future metamorphosis:

Venom gets the Better of Spideyman ie RIT vs Kraken in the board room

 Think Spiderman being consumed by Venom's black goo. ;)

Kraken's CEO Powell imo, will be morphing, with lots of resistance in the next year, as he is essentially transformed into becoming something other than what he and Kraken were originally intended, a 'beacon of light' for the crypto resistance to the powers that should not be. (We won't get fooled again, will we?)

As to what sees the 'Liquidity Spotlight' at Kraken, Think Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, etc, basically anything supporting distributed public ledgers which can be placed 'arms length' under RIT  control, with full government audit, effected via 'new' SEC & government regulations coming your way (via RIT backdoors to govt captured operations), where 'BIG Crypto' gets run to be run by the 'fiat' status quo, powers that should not be.

Where the heck Mayer stands on all this is anyone's guess. Then again, What does he care, he is joining the elite upper crust of old money.

Jeez what hypocrisy.

What is a more likely scenario in my mind's remote viewing eye?

Expect Kraken to step into the DEFI 2.0 space later in 2021, with refined management of BIG crypto assets currently traded on their central exchange , listing select BIG crypto 'balancers'  to get there on a DEX variant of their service.  A clear 'black goo' EDC move, if there ever was one. 

Kraken does have one listing 'anomaly' though,  which is a 100% privacy coin, a "to the Moon" play, Monero. #XMR is for most, a nice strategy hedge against big govt fiat printing presses and taxation overreach,. So if EDC's  (world domination) strategy does not play out properly, as implemented by Kraken to drive up the price and use of Bitcoin and Ethereum, then expect Monero to enter the Kraken liquidity spotlight as well.

Also, recently I suspect,  this EDC Borg play has been largely behind the effort to drive up the price of meme Dogecoin ( DOGE has unlimited inflation, so very much a fiat coin, perfect for EDC to manipulate up and down),  helping to propel DOGE into a big player market dominance position, all part of EDC's  drive to Hyper-inflation, to, wait for it, Peak N Crash the crypto market partly, a new 'whip-lashing' of the world's economy, for  the EDC pure profit, power and control agenda, ie- just another day at the EDC office. Musk of course is having fun whip-lashing the price of DOGE these last few days, so any investor most certainly would think "what's up with that?'.

I would also expect the EDC' heavily financed' PAXOS stable coin  launch to get listed quickly on Kraken in the process, likely before end of 2021, but that's just me guessing.

For those investors interested in less government interference and leaving the EDC status quo for greener pastures, that is saying 'Adieu', once and for all,  to that world, it really means one must  "Go Atomic". That is, investors should consider fully embracing those crypto investments and services which support both 100% privacy and P2P "person 2 person",  wallet to wallet atomic swaps,  with DEX  multi-exchange real time price discovery feeding the wallets of both parties constantly with a highly secured  dNTP time stamped notation for each price interval published.

TK tip:  Just be wary of a crypto's protection and use of NTP  Network Time Protocol servers, including crony(Linux Distros Ubuntu, RH, etc..),  serving up the time stamp for crypto transactions, as these NTP setups  are all  indeed prone to "Man in the Middle Attacks", so understanding how the DEX and Atomic Wallet of your choice picks up and protects NTP clock transmissions, over UDP or Unix style sockets is important (meaning the Wallet and DEX Atomic Swap Services better have their 'holistic' service security act together, beyond just crypto, cuz network security is seriously important, always. ;)  )


ATomic Cafe  a create plate for Atomic Swaps of crytpo P2P using Bluetooth

The DEX Atomic Cafe: Coming your Wallet's way  

One look at the DEX Atomic Cafe list link above and voila, many of the same leading 'balancer' offers show up,  mixed in with some interesting recently popular Ethereum ERC20 blockchain variants also equipped with their DEX capabilities, not to mention some of the earlier DEX plays. (Traditional DEX list is here) .

The big question is, who is really leading the Atomic Swap race?

How do you measure their Value & Progress ?   Is it some mix of Market Cap, Useage/TradeVolume , total Locked in Value or something else?

Questions, Questions, Questions.. 

One thing for sure, the Atomic SWAP market segment as it relates to DEFI, is a two pronged effort driven largely by the wallet developers working in tandem with the DEXes and their services, where the latter may actually evolve into DEXes most interested in making fees from meta-price discovery feeds sent out in real time to the wallet subscribers of those streams. (More likely built in to the transaction fee, otherwise its free to look, but if you want a guaranteed time stamp on that price, with a  price feed 'money back guarantee" on the feed price, over the duration of the contract,  where the duration of the trade time is set by the P2P investors. so Let's "Go Atomic" and dig in to learn a bit more...


The Atomic Swap Wallet

Wallets Supporting Atomic Swap P2P "Person 2 Person" Transactions: Now and in the Future

Ok there is Atomic Swap Wallet for some, 'THE" leading wallet leading the "Go Atomic SWAP"  charge with apparent, reasonable, investor participation providing liquidity for  swaps of the major coins, since about 2019.  Be sure the Atomic Swap Wallet concept is nothing new. 

What is more interesting is, what will Atomic Wallet Swap support look like when supporting privacy coins with private secured data communication flows, encrypted and securely routed dataflows out of the grasp of socialist or even communist regime thinking looking to grab their share to fund their own activities, through what is primarily an extortion racket with zero accountability and transparency, once elected?

Talk about upsetting the apple cart, the above is the ultimate upset of the EDC powered 'Borg' as we know it today.


Open the Tor to privacy....

Atomic Swaps- Tracking Be Damned- Protecting your Swap Dataflows-  Opening the 'Tor' and other Ways

Achieve the above and  Humanity says good bye to the institutions that have governed us for, about 6000 years.

Saying goodbye to "The Borg" will be for the 'enlightened' few, the best thing to happen to humanity, ever.

(#Brave Browser maker of #BAT has Tor built-in , just turn it on in settings and start using Tor, easy peasy)


Ethereum Miners raise Gas Fees

Starving the EDC Borg Fuel Source- Don't use their Money, Crypto or their Transaction Networks- "Go Atomic"

Sure it sounds fanciful, shutting down the EDC Borg by not engaging in the use of their fuel and related services, yet such principled investor actions are exactly what needs to be done if Humanity is ever to break their 6000 year old chains. Stick with ETH and BTC? meh...

If you do have mainstream crypto, you are in a good position to do Atomic Swaps, Wallet to Wallet, the key is entering into an Atomic Swap contract with a an accurate time stamp (dNTP) to start and end the valid period to do the timed transaction between two parties. If the time runs out, the staked value is returned to each party's wallet.  The real challenge for Atomic Swap investors is to do their home work on which wallet and related DEX to work with.

To starve out the EDC Borg in the process, it will be worth it, for you, the principled investor and most of Humanity.


Sometimes you just have to jump Ship to secure shores.

Humanity's Principled Best FinTech move in Crypto? Monero and AAR for now... Atomic Swap Style soon..,

The best news of all of Humankind and principled investors alike is #XMR.  #Monero should be ready in June 2021  to start Round 2 of the "Atomic Option" on #Komodo. Given #ARR Pirate Chain is already on Komodo,  where ARR is using both the hash rate there and that of BTC to make it virtually impossible to attack, with really not much mining required, the is one-two "Atomic Swap"  punch and future of Humanity's Fin Tech is looking very bright indeed. :)

Remember you are defined by the company you keep, the money you use and the services you employ, 'balancers' included. 

The choice is yours, after all its own your reputation at stake, not to mention your conscious. ;)

My choice, I hope, to the reader, is now, abundantly clear. :)

TK over and out.















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