CRYPTO TKOs Issue #11: Tales of Two Presidents: An April 1st "Yield" Surprise, 2021 starting a DEFI Bull long run?
Sniffy Joe Court Chester get's Smart Contracted by US Constitution? Maybe, in the mean time check out Yield Farming

CRYPTO TKOs Issue #11: Tales of Two Presidents: An April 1st "Yield" Surprise, 2021 starting a DEFI Bull long run?

Ah, April Fools Day is on its way!

Will Sniffy Joe be the Main Attraction, April 1st, 2021, driving crypto values even higher?

Spring Weather is finally arriving north of the 49th, New Beginnings for nature, at least.

So I sit here now waiting for the April Showers (and those May Flowers), showers I hope will propel a few more grass shoots through the dead thatch, for our local Snow Shoe Hares to eat. (After a freak snow storm earlier in the week...)

What is tougher this time of year, seriously, is watching our American cousins south of the 49th, tough it out under MSM & Tech Giant Social Media Cancel Culture, as Sniffy Joe rolls back everything the 45th accomplished.  We do something similar up here, under Castro's  illegit offspring, as well, at 1/10th the scale of the US.

Let's face it, the US does have the one Smart Contract to rule the world fairly and justly (if only they would apply it themselves properly), that is the US Constitution, which now a days has the state legislatures taking up the cause, grinding out fairness in the state courts, to gain more transparency at  home in the State and fix the screwed up election processes and, even county legislatures & councils are engaged at the bylaw level,seeking the truthful outcome to US Election 2020,  mainly because the US Supreme Court SCOTUS, can't do its job of upholding the Constitution,  a court today which  appears to be a 'captured operation' run by outside influences foreign and domestic, for reasons none of us are allowed to know, via the MSM.

TK tip- Dig  in on the alternative sites for more info on that.. Kerry Cassidy is a good place to start, that is,  if you can handle it straight and, want to cut thru the BS quick. A totally refreshing, dogged, critical, well researched citizen journalist  for many years, which is hard to find.

Ok back to crypto. Smart Contracts have a BIG prominent place everywhere these days,  in a myriad of crypto investment opportunities, most of which have really come to the crypto investor's forefront in the last 9 months, especially in the 'DEFI" areas of Yield Farming and Yield Aggregation. The Yield space is alot like 'Mutual Funds 2.0'  if you like, without the middle men, a fintech auto-trading type of service for crypto investors,  available to all of us "staking" (ERC20 tokens are the most popular) commoners willing to "lock-in part of our value" so some type of Balancer can do the work. (aka, we the Unaccredited investors...)

These new sub Markets of  Crypto like others,  otherwise do react sharply to signs, good or bad , always surging up these days over time it seems, largely driven by unrestricted AI.

Political Turmoil plays a big factor in such yield farming and aggregation plays , measured in something called  Total Locked in Value

More on this seriously huge Yield Farming phenomena here as explained by coindesk

Oh sure the 'banks' must fill in compliance reports every quarter or so, depending on the regime governing, which I am sure get filed in Bin Z.

We, the Crypto faithful have largely been going sideways the past 7 days riding the BTC curve, suspiciously eyeing DC like  Beltway Bandits looking for the right opportunity "feed at the trough" to dive into the crypto buy and sell walls as most good speculators do.

Really, regardless of how the twin president schmozzle plays out, ie does Sniffy Joe Stay or Go? (The Honest election results says? Go Joe, run for the hills...) 

The Big Question for Sniffy Joe's Handlers, Play for all the Marbles (w/o the biggest gun) or run for the hills


In this current period of instability caused by the masters of the universe, crypto investors need to double down, imo, focused on value buys, that is look under the hood of what DEFI is propping themselves up with and, really start to understand the  Main St. "non-speculative" value that wrapped cryptocurrency matched to some fancy forward curve forecasting algorithm cannot not possibly  determine.

Why? Well that yield  'curve' (handling your staked/wrapped value in some yield farming balancer like #FARM ) is essentially competing with other curves driven by AI, deciding where to place (fee free, cuz your value is in movable wrappers)  your wrapped, staked crypto store of value within the balancer was  like the other curves first written by some programmer in the AI/ML space,  where thereafter the curve logic is to be taught , digesting more  market crypto asset history,  by having  ML "Machine Learning" Algorithms feeding the AI Engine (PyTorch  or some such other AI tech) in order to predict the future outcomes, per the curve , which keeps changing?

thinking they have it all figured out and the Machine Learning Algorithm will 'slurp up' the data lake and model some advice the AI rules engine will then make good on with the right buy/sell decision, short or long.)


Where in the world is the real crypto investor Value? DEFI?


Where in the World is THE VALUE in DEFI? Checkout Yield Farming

It's the question every crypto investor should be asking, in "Main Street" terms.

If its unclear then, steer clear.

If its clear and promising, then ask yourself who the competition is, coingecko yield farming categories are good place to start.

Also just because a crypto investment sits near the top of the Coingecko category, does not mean its a good investment, in fact in many cases its quite the opposite, especially in the Smart Contract space, where such ranking are Market Cap Centric.

Well, one thing is for sure, regardless of the US Election 2020 outcome (Maybe we get surprised on April Fools Day?)  there will be upward movement in DEFI from any sort of news, good or bad, depending on your political leanings, so yield farming and aggregation is worth a look.

Me, I am lazy, I let Publish0x do all that yield farming work.., FARM on!  ;)

Stay safe out there,

TK over and out.



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