arago and tezos

Arago and Tezos Open Up Doors For Photographers and Art Collectors

We've all wondered at some point how licensing and compensation works with digital images and the internet.  Although there are agencies and structures in place to help rights owners monetize, the reality is it's somewhat of the wild west out there.  No entity or institution is capable of tracking down each and every image online and ensuring their are no property rights issues - not to mention enforcing compensation. 

Enter Arago - running exclusively on Tezos.  Arago can't promise to adjudicate every image issue online, but it is striving to use NFTs to help photographers perhaps expand their passions and careers in a very big way.  Arago is launching a curated photography NFT platform that helps creators monetize their work to include not just publishing but also licensing.  Grab the right NFT and you may have yourself a long term stream of income

Each NFT will only have eight editions, one of which stays with the photographer.  The NFTs have the photo and all rights to print and reproduce it, but they also include the right to license it.  This allows the NFT owner to display or stream the image in certain areas. 

There are more details and information on this project of course, but the economic ramifications are clear.  This is yet another example of how crypto, and increasingly with Tezos, is unlocking value in society and humanity.  How much is the amazing photo you took really worth?  Services such as Arago and/or its inevitable competitors could help you determine exactly that.  Something like this never would have existed without crypto.  It's well underway with music and concerts and it will continue to eat up any and all opportunities to unlock value.  And this is why the opportunity to own the picks and shovels (Tezos) is more than just worthy of consideration. 

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