voting with tezos blockchain Validates Voting Using Tezos With 80 Global Universities

By davidgyoung | Alternative Investing | 11 Oct 2021

We see two of the biggest themes set to dominate the crypto world over the next couple of years as the following: 1) the underestimation of how impactful the Bitcoin Lightning Network is, and 2) the collision between Ethereum along with it's white labeled copycat chains and Tezos (a distinctly unique and separate Layer 1 protocol).  In the spirit of pursuing that second contention further, we present voting using the Tezos blockchain.

Crypto enthusiasts tend to bicker back and forth about which chain or project offers the most opportunity or which coin they feel "will moon" for them.  The main battlefields currently, according to many participants, are DeFi and NFTs.  Way back in the earlier days (say 2013-2017) there was always chatter about using blockchain to vote and how this incredible technology could finally clean up corrupt and inefficient elections globally.  For the most part that talk has seemingly slid to the rear even as numerous countries currently grapple with election integrity challenges.  Voting using blockchain could be set to emerge again in the spotlight, as a French city by the name of Neuilly-sur-Seine is set to launch voting using Electis tools in mid October of 2021.  This infrastructure is the first set of tools to enable voting using the Tezos blockchain

This French city, following up on testing done at 80 global universities, helps to highlight the fact that stuff seems to actually get done in the real world with Tezos.  Upgrades happen.  Forks don't happen.  Baking and staking is live right now on a Proof of Stake Layer 1 Protocol.  There isn't just endless talk about hypothetical upgrades and major changes used to dangle in front of cult disciples that endlessly absorb and inhale the pontificating. 

Tezos has already and continues to make great strides in both the DeFi space and NFT world, and now we see something very tangible with voting.  Voting is also very strongly correlated with the concept of DAOs and using Tezos to literally govern communities and populations.  It's just a matter of time before the market properly and accurately calibrates a concise and coherent comparison between ETH and it's legion of copycats and Tezos - thus encouraging the realization that in no sane world is Ethereum worth 50x more than Tezos.  



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